Parks closed


Whay is Animal kingdom closed and typoon lagoon were they dameged?


They were closed due to the hurricanes coming. I don’t know if they are still closed or not. I’ll haveto go check that one out. I havne’t heard about any damage to any of the Disney property. Park Hopper would have told us by now. He is always up-to-date on those things.


I know that Animal Kingdome and Typhoon Lagoon were closed on Saturday because of debris that was blown around the parks. The WDW site said that the parks resumed normal operations today so my guess would be that they are back open. The only thing it mentions as being closed are the Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground.

Here is the exact message:

Walt Disney World® Resort
Important Information for August 15, 2004
Walt Disney World® Resort Theme Parks resumed normal
operations today, Sunday August 15. To view the latest hours
of operations for all our parks, please visit the Calendar
section of our site.

All Walt Disney World® Resort hotels (except for Disney’s
Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground) remain open for
our guests.

For families and friends wanting to communicate with guests
staying at our Resort, please call 407-WDW-INFO.


AK is highly landscaped, so debris was probably EVERYWHERE!!!

TL probably needed to have a lot of chemicals added to the water. Rain is not good for pools, and TONS OF chemicals are necessary even after the smallest amount of rain.


WDW suffered minimal damage. Animal Kingdom and Typhoon Lagoon remained closed Saturday because of the large amount of debris on the grounds and a scarcity of employees. Many employees couldn’t make it to work because the roads in a lot of neighborhoods were impassable, not to mention concerns about their damaged houses.

AK reopened Sunday, although Kali River Rapids wasn’t in operation.