Parks in Aprill


What are the crowds like in the first week of April.


April crowds can be quite heavy. That is prime Easter break weeks you are talking about. I would try to do that last week of April to save you the money and the sanity.


Yes, it really all depends on when Easter is. Seems like a lot of schools follow Easter for their Spring break, rather than having it set for the same week each year. So, you just have to pay attention to when Easter is. We went the week leading up to Easter once, and the crowd calendars had the whole week at 10’s. But, with getting up early for rope drop, and having a park hopper when Magic Kingdom was closed due to occupancy, it really wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Just have to go with the flow when there are crowds. Weather was perfect though, the whole week.


When we went during Spring Break we found that, as already mentioned, doing rope drop made it not so bad. We were in MK one morning at 7AM and there was NO ONE there by 11AM it was wall to wall people but we had already hit most everything on our must do list. With planning it won’t be so bad.


We will be there the 21st. to the 28th. we are really hoping Easter crowds have thinned out. Schools in our corner of the world do not have spring break. If you live somewhere that does, when is your break this year?


Our school vacation week in RI is April 16-20th. We will be there 4/13-4/21. I am also hoping that the Easter week being early in the month will mean lighter crowds the 3rd week. I have been Easter week and it does get crowded but if you get up early enough it is not that bad. Either way, you are in Disney, so enjoy!:mickey:


This year Easter is early - April 8th. I’m guessing they are expecting to be super busy that week b/c of the EMHs and Fantasmic is running 2 shows most days. The following week there aren’t as many EMH’s so I’m assuming they feel things will slow down a bit the following week. We will be there for the madness since that’s when DD has her week off from school. We tend to go at peak times anyways so we’re used to it. We just don’t try to do everything in one day & use the fast pass as much as possible.


I’m in SFL and ours is March 19-28th.


I’m in Connecticut and our spring break week off is April 6 (good friday) - April 13


In Louisiana our break is the last week of March. Easter weekend we also have Friday and Monday off too.


You should be OK with a little patience and with a good supply of dining reservations! I mean, better to be at WDW than at home, right? Yeah baby!


Our spring break here in MI is always the first week of April.


I live in Memphis and we are “breaking” March 12-16 this year.


IF you really have to go to a park, go to your local Six Flags or Cedar Fair park and skip Florida altogether during the second week (Easter Week) of April.
I say check out those other parks because they will actually be open during Easter Week.
I’ve been in WDW right around Easter a few years back and it was nearly as bad as Christmas.


The first week of April wouldn’t be too bad, maybe a small crowd, but nothing unusual. Probably go early in the morning because some people want to sleep in. Although, the attractions or restaurants, etc, that are most popular will probably already have a good waiting line before them, choose your top activities first, get them done when you can!