Parks in June/July


As some of you know, we’re visiting WDW from June 22nd to 6th July, and I have a vague idea that the parks will be quite busy. Has anybody been between these dates before and could you give me some information? Thank you! :happy:

  1. Its Hot…not as bad as late July and August, but Hot. I live in the SE with very similiar weather so we were use to it…but make sure to schedule some inside time.

  2. Crowd wise - it is not as bad as Christmas/New Years week. That first week will not be THAT bad…but starting on the 31st you will see people starting to move in and it will reach its peak the 4th and most likely remain that way through the 6th, but the 4th will be packed.


There will certainly be an attendance peak on either side of July 4 for several days in either direction. Also, by late June, most southern states’ schools have let out and most northern states are letting out closer to the end of the month.
Still, even though attendance is up, it isn’t considered a peak period for WDW, simply a “regular” period in terms of room rates. And compared to Christmas and Easter, it isn’t as bad.
Then again, you’ll be dealing with day time temps in the mid 90s, night time temps in the mid 80s, 90% or higher humidity, and daily afternoon and early evening thunderstorms which can often get very violent and drenching.

But hey! At least you won’t have to deal with love bugs,:eek:

It seems I will have to do WDW in either the 2nd or 3rd week of July this summer because I have a niece who wants to do the parks in July.


You are correct, the parks are going to be busy, especially around the 4th of July. However, you can still have a good time and get a lot done. Have a plan and hit the parks at rope drop every day so you can get as much done before the lines get too long. Take advantage of Fastpasses and hit the popular attractions early before the lines get too long.

We have to go during the summer but we still have fun and get a lot done. We know it’s going to be hot and crowded but we go to the parks early and then take a break in the afternoon to cool off and go back in the evening.


We are aware it’s going to be absolutely boiling! so we’re preparing for the heat!
Last time we went we expected it to be cooler (September) but it was still absolutely scorching!! :happy:
Most of us love the weather but it’s a bit too hot for my mum so a lot of shade will be needed for her!
We will definitely be fastpassing as much as we can though, especially Toy Story Mania because we haven’t been on that yet!
Thanks for the info guys! :laugh:


I’d honestly rather go in June/July than at Christmas…Christmas is wonderful with all the decorations, but it’s usually too cool for the water parks and pools, which are options in the summer. If the parks get too crazy you can always hit the water parks or pool.


Good point. I’ve always wanted to go for Christmas (and hopefully some day I will!) but I’m happy to go any time to be honest!! :laugh:


We also are from the SE and are used to the heat. With that said, make sure you take advantage of the early morning hours for each park. We like to be there when the rope drops and do all we can do until around 1ish. We then head back to our camper for lunch, swim and a nap. We wait until the sun drops and head out to EMH at whichever park that is hosting them. It really is what you make of it.


Not sure if I’m encourage or discouraged by this thread. This will be our first trip the first week in July and we have several things to celebrate with our granddaughter. Although we went in August last year and weathered through just fine. I’ve taken everyone’s suggestions to heart and will be ready for anything. We have also been during Christmas and New Year’s Eve, so I think my thoughts on crowd levels is in check.


So being considered almost a local, my take is this. Up to about the 3rd I would consider it moderately busy generally at any of the parks/water parks. Starting on the 3rd through the 5th its all about park choice. For instance it’s a given that the 4th will be a mad house at MK but most likely AK will be moderately busy. Epcot and HS could be a toss up. On the busiest days have a plan and take advantage of rope drop as others have stated. There are web sites out there that predict the busiest parks for each day of the year and I find that they are pretty on target. The other thing I would echo is pace yourself. The heat and humidity are going to be tropical so hit RD, tackle the park, leave at noon for a break come back around 4/5.


my Disney World graduation trip in June with my mom


Great advice guys. I don’t know whether we’re gonna do breaks throughout the day this time, as we hire a car so we’d be driving back to the villa each time. Though it’s a good idea, we’d have to think about it I guess. As well as the four Disney parks, we’re also doing Discovery Cove, SeaWorld and the two Universal parks, so we need to fit everything in to a 14 day itinerary including mall / relaxing days! That’s a very fun part of the planning! :happy: