Part 2 from my is it worth it post....(need opinion)


This is really strange…
i got an email today from Disney Destination it said:

Hello Caraccio Family

We’re excitied that you’re thinking about another stay at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort—French Quarter. Come on back and let the good times roll again!

Click above to check out the Resort photos we picked just for you.

Book now to complete your vacation plans or to view other dates and accommodations.

now the thing is, i was logged in under my account so i don’t know how they got my maiden name, and the 2nd thing is i was only pricing it out w/2 adults 2 kids before I decided to call Disney directly, because i have 4 kids.

but now here’s the other thing, there is a PIN # at the bottom.
I have no idea what its for its not saying any kind of special offer or anything.

can anyone tell me what this might be about?


huuummmmm… I would definitely call reservations and give them the pin#, see what they way. It must be for some type of discount.


I’d call and say I got this card and pin, could I get a price for 2 adults and 4 kids. Don’t commit to any changes. Whatever price you get, should be good for a bit. You’ll probably have to do some math again, since you have the kids go free thing.


i will def. do that tomorrow, have to head out now…
thanks for the input, i will post what they tell me.:happy:


right, worth a call i guess, right? can’t hurt.
just seem so odd, in all the years i’ve ever gone to Disney, this is my first one with an actual PIN# on it, so that is why I was thrown back a bit.


Did you recently logon to the Disney website to research prices or resorts? If you did then they probably sent you the email hoping you would actually book a trip. I know several other travel sites that do this.


Twice I have used pins where they really weren’t addressed to me, but came at my e-mail address. One had my bosses name on it but came to me (I helped him plan a trip once for his family), and another had my Mom’s name on it. Both times I disclosed to them the name errors, and they both told me I could use them because they were sent to my e-mail. I guess what I’m trying to say is that their computer system is messed up! Regardless, use the pin code. This could be your opportunity to get dh out of those values like he wanted. Let us know!



Now, that said, we often get AP material addressed to a misspelled version of our last name and when I call central reservations, they have multiple listings for us under our previous address that we moved from 6 years ago, our current address, and the misspelled name. And nobody seems to be able to correct it and put everything under one correct name/address. They also never have the most recent visit when they ask about the last time you were in WDW hotels.


Sometimes I get the feeling that Disney is just like Big Brother…always watching.:blink:

Call - it can’t hurt!


I have an idea…


You now have lots of people curious. :laugh:


Have ya called yet/ Come on, get with it.


very interesting can not wait to see what is up with the pin


Or like Roz from Monsters, Inc. :laugh:


I think that’s it. I recently did a search to possibly add a room-only booking onto the front end of our trip in August, and I got a very similar e-mail encouraging me to go back to the site and complete the booking. I did not see any PIN code on mine, though, (and believe me, I looked for one!) so that part has me curious. Let us know what you find out.


lol good idea!!! i am calling this morning :):laugh:


[QUOTE=jo-jo;1073872]I have an idea…


You now have lots of people curious. :laugh:[/QUOTE]

lol i know sorry!!!
i will def. call this morning and let you all know what happens


:wink: soon Rich, I will be calling this morning…I promise I will keep everyone posted!!:happy:


Keep us posted! I want to know what they say!


And…what did they say???


I CALLED, it was just a pin code for 10% off of room only
she told me the current promo that i have is much better because i have the kids stay and play for free.
oh well…it was nice to finally see what a PIN CODE email looks like, lol