Party of 4 to Party of 8


So, I booked all our ADRs for our family of four. Now DH’s uncle, grandmother and two cousins are also going the same week. Should I try to make ADRs for 8 (and not cancel my ADRs for 4 until after they’re made, obviously) or just call back and make another set of ADRs for 4 and try to get as close to the same time as possible?

I mean, we’d love to sit all together, but how much of a headache is that going to be? I guess I’ll just call and give it a shot…never know until you try, right?


I think you’ve settled on the best solution. Give it a shot.

I do think all trying to sit together is going to be a pain. Maybe just try for it for some of the meals?


I think you can just call and give them your Confirmation #'s and tell them you need to change it to 8…they’ll be able to tell you if it’s available or not…and it’ll be easiest on your life.


I was worried for nothing. Had to adjust the times a bit, but kept all the same restaurants I’d originally booked. Yeah!!


Nice job! Now you can relax and know you’ll all be sitting together.