Passes and off-site hotels!


I forgot to mention this, so I am starting up a new thread because I’d guess this info might help a lot of people.

We recently were at WDW for a Disney’s World Of Sports soccer tournament. Our family left early and got a DVC room at SSR, and when the team flew down, I stayed at the team hotel with DD while the men in the family kept the SSR room.

The travel agent for the tournament had been offering discounted park passes for players and their families, so I bought them for DD, DS and my husband (I have an AP). I was feeling pretty good about the passes, because a nice little discount (maybe 5 or 10 percent) on those is nice to find.

Well –

When DD and I checked into the Hampton Inn, they were offering their guests 5-day Park Hoppers for the price of 3-day Hoppers! Two full free days of passes! :eek:

So I told myself that if we were ever considering offsite hotels again, I would call the front desk at each of the ones I was looking at and ask them what their pass deal is… It is possible that the pass discount could be so great that a more expensive nicer hotel all of a sudden becomes a better deal than a less-lovely hotel with cheaper rooms! Hope I am making sense on this – sometimes I can’t really tell! LOL :laugh:


worth looking in to if you are staying off-site.


When we were the in 07 my DSinlaw and DNiece had to add one day to their park hopper. The cost was really cheap for the additional day. I know it was under 10 bucks each. They were told the longer you stay the cheaper each days pass cost.


LOTS of sense.

Thanks for the info.


I do not know if this is a subject change or not but I have been looking at budget stuff for our hopeful future vacation and it only cost i think 9dollars to take a 7day ticket to a ten day ticker extra per ticket.


That has nothing to do with where you stay… works if you are staying on site as well… I have been doing it for years…adding on a day… then we stay through lunch and drive home…