Passes for People with Disabilities


I have lower back problems that keep me from being able to stand or sit for prolonged periods of time. I thought I read somewhere that you can get a sticker or pass that you can show the WDW employees and they could show you to alternate waiting areas if they’re available.

I want to make it very clear that I’m not trying to “move to the front of the line”. I just want an alternative place to wait with my family if the need arises.

Does anyone know these procedures???


My neighbor has two handicapped children who use this pass every year when they go to WDW. To my knowledge, he goes to guest services prior to entering the park, he told me that he shows them a Dr.'s note (note sure if that’s a requirement or if he does it voluntarily), & they give him, literally, a pass to show any CM near the entrance of the attractions & he receives assistance.