Passholder Discount for MNSSHP


Does anyone know the dates for passholder discounts? I went to the disney site and tried to log in on the passholder site, but I was unable to get on. I finally have my class schedule for my graduate classes and now I can plan my trip! :excl:



Well I was finally able to get on the passholder website and the dates are 9/22 10/2
10/16 10/17 , 10/23 and 10/24
10 and up 32.95
kids 25.95

MVMCP 11/13 11/17 11/28 and 12/14
35.95 and 27.95
you can purchase up to 4 on line !


:laugh: :laugh: I’m so glad we could help! :laugh: :laugh: