Passholder Rooms


How many rooms can you book with an AP? We are going to WDW for Star wars weekend. We have 2 kids. We might —let our kids bring a friend. So I need 2 rooms. Can I book 2 with the passholder rate?


Ok I called and founf the answer. There must be a passholder in each room. Since I am the only adult passholder…I can only book one:(


Try for a family suite at a value?


I learned the hard way a few weeks ago when I tried to book 2 rooms with a AP discount. It used to be a passholder could book 3 rooms but that has changed in the last year or so.


you are right DT , I remember being able to book more than one room in the past. I think once we booked two rooms with the AP discount- but no such luck any more. We may try the Ft Wilderness Cabins or the family suites.
Good ideas!


Thanks for the post as I always thought it was two rooms with AP discount too and I didn’t realise it had changed.


Shame on Disney for changing that. We had a great time taking my folks on one trip and my wife’s mom and brother on another trip a couple years ago


I agree, it was a nice perk to be able to book more than one room.


Usually there’s two adults per family and they both have annual passes. It should be possible to work around the problem by booking one room under each adult’s name.

If not, forget I even said anything.