Passholder sales event!


WOW!!! The line goes from the entrance closest to legoland and winds around the front to waaaaaay past trex! It’s insanity!


What is going on? Give us details please…


It was a madhouse. There were still people waiting to get in when I left at 7:45. The sale was bleak. I was really disappointed. Got 3 items for 40.00. They have vinylmations on sale. A lot of cute baby stuff for 5.00 but it was all for boys:( I have girls! So now I am on my way to the magic kingdom for rope drop and space mountain. I am glad I didn’t drag the family down here with me.


I read there was a free gift for the first 1000 people. Did you get one of those, and what was it?


it was one of those little vinymation characters:blow: i didn’t go to get mine as it was a whole nother line.
when i left at 7:45, there was STILL a line to get in. they had balloons set up to indicate the sale items. they were pretty much just selling clearance stuff like 2009 shirts and boxer shorts and cheesey little things. it was really disappointing. :frown: