Passholder Website? Problems?


Hi everyone,

Is anyone else having problems logging on to the passholders website or is it just me?

I hope its not me, cause I hate trying to fix it!!:mad:



I have noticed that the first time you hit submit it says “busy” try again later. But I hit it again a few seconds later and it goes through?


Really?? Mine says error and thats it. I haven’t been able to get on for awhile. Maybe I better look into it more, don’t want to miss those possible discounts.


That is what it did to me when I tried it.


I can’t get it to accept me / my card number or anything … I get the guide in email and hardcopy snail mail but I can not get into the site :frowning:


I have had nothing BUT problems in trying to log on. I think I’ve only gotten on TWICE in 2 years. (And I’ve tried all 4 passes I’ve got.)

I don’t know what the problem is.


yep I have tried all our cards too :frowning: so it is not just you … it is the site or something and it is very fustrating


It worked for me this morning the first time I tried and I printed out the latest Mickey Monitor. Check all your numbers and make sure you are using the latest AP numbers.


same here Joseph, not that there was anything special. I was kinda hoping for a better passholder site.


nope …did not work :frowning:


did you try clearing out all your cache and temp files??


tried that too… I dont understand what the problem is :frowning: I even enabled popups for the WDW website


I know it is not the same but the Florida Resident website has been giving me alot of problems too.


In order to get in after a problem you have to delete all your cookies and online files. And you cannot try to save you info, thats what causes the problem.


I have been having problems as well and even emailed them a few days ago and they’re response was that it had to be on my end which has me a lil miffed as I work in IT and I would know if there was something on my end that blocking…



I was just going to suggest that. I hate technical problems, they drive me crazy.


HOLY MAGIC MOUSE EARS!!! I just got into the passholder site!!!


I just give up :frowning: I done all I can do on my end


I have problems also. Sometimes I can get on and sometimes it says my info is incorrect… try again later
It is frustrating!


yep thats what it keeps telling me …that my info is incorrect