Passholder website


I tried to log on last night and this AM to make a room reservation, but I cannot get on. I put in my info, hit submit and nothing happens. I did not get the message that says your info is not correct, I just go back to the home page.
Any one else have this problem? DH wants to take DD for Star Wars weekend and I need a room!
He is soooooo last minute. I hope there is something availible…but I can not get on!:eek:


DH also had the same problem. He was going to make our Ressies for our next trip.


Thanks! Atleast it is not me… I will try later today!


Passholder website has been messed up for the past 10 days now.
You can’t check anything, but at least you can get ideas about what’s there for passholders through the Florida resident side.


I got right in.


You did!!! I haven’t been able to get on in weeks!!!

What browser are you using? I’m using FireFox on a Mac!


I am using Firefox on a pc, and I can’t get in either.:pinch:


:pinch: I just used safari and I got on . . . :confused:


The saga continues…

:laugh: :laugh:


Must be firefox . . . can you get on using internet explorer?


I’m using Netscape (a Mozilla/Firefox type browser) and right up until just now, I have been getting the system error message. Now, it logged me in.
Meantime I decided to try Internet Explorer and it took me to the passholder verification page and currently it is not recognizing the numbers on my pass and telling me it’s invalid.

Update:When going online, I have to use my original pass, not the replacement. Good thing I’ve still got the original! And yes, the site is fully functional in Firefox/Mozilla browsers and Internet Explorer 7.


Well- I tried again and good luck for me! I logged on and booked us at the WL for 6/19 to 6/23. We really wanted the Poly but no luck :frowning: Star Wars here we come! I got on at about 4:30 CST