Passport & currency exchange questions


They recommend leaving valuables on the ship. Ok, what do you do with your passport if you are doing beach excursions?!? Not like you can fit them into your swim container and keep it in your pocket.

We are doing the western. Do you need to get some local currency or what is the best bet for exchange.


I am assuming the Western Caribbean.

No need to take passport with you while on-shore if you have drivers license. To get back ship after visiting the port of call you need a photo id and your room key to show the local authorities. Once shown they will let you on to the pier. You then will still the room key to get back on the ship (you will also need the key to get off the ship, they use this to see if anyone is missing before they depart).

No need to get any foreign currency. All Caribbean ports merchants accept US Dollars.


Thanks. Makes life much simpler. Western it is. 14 days and counting!!!


You are so lucky! I wish I was down to 14 days. Enjoy!


Send money to help pay my bar & spa tab and it will be almost just like being there! :laugh:


Hmmm, let me think about that. :dry::laugh:


Ok, but there are OTHER MBers who are waiting to take your place. VISA/MC accepted. :whistling


Hot dang, I’m in SINGLE DIGITS!!!


Packed yet?


No but I know where everything is to pack. Print boarding passes in 4:75 hours! Brain boarded the ship last weekend. :laugh:

Now what I really have to do is finish up all the loose ends at work!


Have a wonderful trip Richard!