Passport to Fun Program


As some of you already know, Hotwire Savings Club will cease to exist next month. The notice I received indicated that current members of HWSC will automatically be transferred to “Passport to Fun” and that the monthly fee will remain the same as HWSC. However, the message received from HWSC did not detail any of the benefits available in the new club.

After doing a little research, I was able to find a little more info about it. It is located here

I have heard that many folks have had problems with Dealpass companies (double charging, etc.). The new club is part of the Dealpass group. If I learn any more info, I’ll share it.


i am a member and i havent gotten any notficication of them closing…I was REALLY hoping for some meal vouchers to come out in the next few weeks!!..i think i’ll cancel when they make the switch…it dosnt look like it’s going to have any disney discounts and thats the only reason i joined hotwire.