Passporter cost?


Anyone know off hand approximately what the Passporter for WDW 2006 is going for in the bookstores?

I see one on e-bay I may want to bid on.



The list on is $21.95 with a discount to $17.65 online. I think the books stores just sell at list most of the time. At least you know it would be inbetween those numbers.


I suggest buying it online. I have looked in like 3 bookstores and cannot the 2006 version. I was at Books-A-Million earlier tonight and I ask an associate if they were going to get it in, and they said they don’t stock it but they could order it in to the store and it would cost $24.95 . No shipping and handling since it would be sent to the store. It is way more affordable online.


Buzz -
the new version usually releases in late january in the book stores. Last year’s was late due to a printing problem. I would do as other’s suggested and grab in online. If you register an old passporter, you get a discount usually. Doesn’t matter which year it is either. go to the official site and check the price there and then go through amazon through DC home page and try that price too. It’s always good for the site to buy things through the home page’s link, so keep that in mind.


I bought the 2005 version only because I didn’t know if the 2006 version would be out in time for my late January trip. It really doesn’t matter to me as I use it more for those handy yellow sheets rather than the info in the front.


I got a 2006 for Christmas. It was $21.95 give or take and was picked up for me at a Barnes and Nobles. It was on the shelf and was not a special order. Hope this helps.


I got my 2006 version yesterday. That price sounds about right.


Thanks Cincy ! That is the one bookstore we haven’t tried !


Thanks all. I just won a new one on e-bay for 21.00. So, at least I don’t have to go running around to look for one.
I can never find them in the bookstores in my area.


The 2006 one is really cool, too. Lots of colors and color pictures! Congrats!


Just wanted to again thank Cincy. Based on his mentioning of Barnes and Noble, I went there and found the book !!! I am so happy !