You hav all been so helpful answering cruise questions hoping someone might have an answer on this one for me. Anyone familiar with ‘Passport Cards’? In going online checking on passports as we do not have them I discovered these and although they may not be used for air travel they carry rights and priveleges of the U.S. passport book and can be use at U.S/ land sea ports-of-entry when arriving from Canada, Mexico the Caribbean and Bermuda. I believe they are new and want to make sure they will work for cruising. The cost is $45 for adult and $35 for children so this will save considerably on the fees.
Thanks for any input.


Hmmm, I’ve never heard of such a thing but I would definately call the Disney Cruise Line phone number and talk with someone to make sure it would fit all document requirements. Personally, I’d probably just get my conventional passport if I were you. You never know where your travels may take you and they are good to have.


I would opt to just go for a passport. As Wish said, you never know when you might be able to travel internationally.

One additional thing to think about…Even though you are only cruising to…um(I’m not sure to which destination you are cruising)…Caribbean, Mexico or Canada, if for some reason you must fly home from either of these…you’ll need a passport. Meaning…God forbid, some emergency requires that you fly home from a Caribbean Island or Mexican/Canadian city…you would need a passport! This is of course a big if, but just some food for thought.


That is true. We had a girl last year miss the ship at one of the ports and she had to catch a flight and meet up with the ship on the next port and she didn’t have her passport on her…it was on the boat. I guess it was a huge mess and our travel dept got her to the port. I wasn’t there but they gave us the speech before we left for the cruise to make sure we had a passport…not just a birth certificate just in case so you will definitely need a passport to fly.


I saw these too and was considering getting them. We are planning a trip to Ontario/Niagara this summer. I think they will suite your needs and save you $$$. Wanted to share this link:

Get a Passport Now

It mentions the passport card in the Sea (cruise) travel section.


Yes - I’ve heard of them too - but I would recommend that you make the investment and get passports. With a passport you don’t have to worry.

Expand your horizons!:happy:

I can only speak for Canada - but you can’t get on a plane in the USA to Canada without having a your passport open and available - they are EXTREMELY sticky about this. (Conversely, travelling into the USA from Canada, they don’t seem to check…governments - go figure…)


We looked at them as well, but went for the actual passport. While it costs about $55 more, you cover all the bases. If you should want to fly out of the country, you’re already set for it, and if you don’t (like me), you look really good holding a passport - especially if your daughter buys you a Coach passport cover :laugh: ! Actually, since we’re in a state that doesn’t have the Real ID’s, I figured it would be good to get one even to fly to WDW. Now I can entertain dreams of Great Britain…!


I just cruised from NY to the Bahamas and we didn’t bring Passports. But that said, if you are getting ANYTHING, I’d definitely get the conventional Passport. You never know when requirements are going to change…go for the actual Passport.


Bite the bullet and go with the passport.