Past, Present, and Future


I can’t remember the last trip report I did but I do enjoy them so I think i’ll share a report from the last trip we took.
My 2 youngest, Danielle and Emily, both graduated from High School this year. Crazy since when I found this group they were both still “Disney kids”. We started planning their trip and surprisingly they both wanted to go to WDW for their Sr trip. I even suggested other places…(bad mom, bad bad mom lol) but they had their minds set so I told them we’d do Disney with a twist. All 3 girls had never been to US/IOA so 2 days there, week at WDW and a side trip to the beach would make a fine graduation present from us.


This trip was loaded with pixie dust, I just don’t know how the next one we’re planning will measure up. Choosing a hotel was an adventure in itself. After months of going back and forth we all finally agreed on a split stay between Shades of Green and Boardwalk Inn. On top of being military we use Disney Visa points. I’d contacted Disney and asked if we could use those points to purchase our 5 p/h tix in advance on base so we could begin our FP’s and was told ABSOLUTELY, no problem. After weeks of running around going back and forth to the Base unable to purchase our tickets someone else at Disney was like, um no you can’t do that. Who told you that?!?! Well bummer, oh well we’ll just use the points to pay for BWI instead no problem. Tit for tat ya know, we were good either way. Someone at Disney still didn’t like we were told that and opened a casefile. As said we were good either way, but they weren’t so they attached 3 open fp’s per person per day to our MB’s and on opening weekend of Pandora gave all 5 of us additional FP’s for FOP, Navi river, 7DMT, Frozen, Illuminations, and Fantasmic. WOW! Merry Christmas in May. I told them it was an honest mistake and not necessary, but being Disney they must do their thing. We used the ones assigned but never used all the open ones. In the old days we would’ve passed the paper fp to someone at the end of the line but those days are gone.


Beginning of the week we did a couple of Disney days then dropped the girls off at US/IOA. Been there, done that, Jeff and I had no desire to do it again. Those 2 days we were able to do Disney again, just us. Haven’t done that since our honeymoon. Definitely an eye opener of what’s soon to come. Mid week we did our switch to BWI and the magic continued. Not only did we get an upgrade to a lagoon front room but when they found out 2 of the girls were celebrating graduation they left them a few surprises. First night back in the room there were 2 trays full of decorated cupcakes from the bakery along with special beverages left in the fridge. Second night we returned there were cards signed my Mickey and Minnie along with several balloons for each girls left in the room. I Love Disney magic.
It was mostly a good trip, only bad was the weather. Even with Memorial weekend crowds and Pandora opening it was still bearable. But it rained, and rained, and rained. Years past I would’ve thrown on a poncho and pushed through it but not now. Maybe i’m too old, maybe it was squishy socks and tennis shoes. Who knows.


We tried some new places as well as some of our old faves. I think we’ll put the old favs on the backburner when we go back because Disney Springs…WOW! There is just so much more there now, so many more new things to try with so little time. I really hope that place makes it this time because they’ve put a lot of work into it.
We’ve always felt AK was a 1/2 day park at best and could usually stretch HS into a full day one. Definitely need to flip that. So much more to do at AK now, and so little at HS. Matter of fact since none of us are huge Star Wars fans we may even skip that park all together when we go back in 2019. At least WDW overall won’t be too crowded since every one will be packed in to see Star Wars.
That was some of our past trip. At the present we are planning one for the future in mid May of 2019. Two of the girls and their bff’s want to do a cruise. Emily doesn’t. Instead she wants to go to WDW with her friends. Come to find out they all ended up planning for this in the same month of the same year so, DONE, we will all go the same week soon as spring semester is over. Take some to the port, check the others into the hotel then scram!


Amazing with that fp pixie dust. I never heard getting FP for rides like that. We’ve had extra FP added but then they say not good for this or that ride.

yeah, rain and wet socks…not a happy thought. We are finding each year the window of perfect weather is smaller and smaller for us…too hot, too cold…too wet, that leaves about 15 mins a day of perfect weather.


Isn’t it amazing how one does Disney changes over the years? As I’m reading your TR, I’m giggling as we share the same attitude…no need to push through with rain (hate squishy shoes/socks). We enjoy the resorts now days that our trips are now so different. Maybe because we have been blessed with going so often, or it’s just learning with age. I do like that you are having a “go with the flow” attitude, allowing the kids to change things up and do what they want to do, and you and hubby doing what’s good for you. Much better than stressing out trying to keep everyone together just for the sake of being together.
Have fun in May. I do have a feeling you will have all the parks to yourself when Star Wars opens! I’m thinking I just may take advantage of that too!