Pasta at Liberty Tree


Has anyone tried the William Penn Pasta at Liberty Tree Tavern? I’ve had the Pot Roast (Yum) and the hamberger, forget what they call it there, but to me it’s the best burger at WDW. Anyways, I’m thinking of trying the pasta dish, but don’t want to waste a meal or the money if it isn’t any good.


:confused: :confused: :confused: Any one :confused: :confused: :confused:


I don’t think the Liberty Tree has pasta. I thought it was buffet.


It’s a buffet for dinner, but they have individual selections for lunch. I’ve only seen the menu, I’ve never eaten there for lunch.


Sorry, but I have never been there for lunch.


It sounds good to me, so I guess I’ll give it a try. I’ll let you know how it is.


For lunch, I usually get the turkey. Also, they never bring rolls anymore unasked - but the last times I’ve been there, I asked and they appeared. :slight_smile:



I think its just family style.


Liberty Tree Tavern - Character Dinner Menu - Magic Kingdom


It’s there. sorry

Lunch menu

Liberty Tree Tavern - Lunch Menu - Magic Kingdom


We’ve never been there but have a dinner ADR for this trip and were looking forward to it


Deb’s website has the recipe for the William Penn Pasta. When I read the description of it in the menu section the “creamy marinara sauce” stood out to me. After reading the recipe it makes sense. Sounds rich though, not something I would like to have in the middle of the day during the summer.

Here is a link to the recipe to give you a better idea about what it is.

Recipe - William Penn Pasta - Liberty Tree Tavern


I wouldnt rush back. It was just OK.


You’re right, it does sound rich and kind of heavy. Think I’ll pass. Thanks for the link.


We’ve eaten there several times and always enjoyed it. Never had the pasta though. Now that I know the ingredients, I don’t think I ever will.:nuke:


REALLY?? I just booked an ADR there for the Sat of our Feb trip . . . I figured we do it before the P&PP . . . which when I called was told would be POSSIBLY schedule . … altho I think Rowdy confirmed?? :confused: Anyway, I looked at the dinner menu, it looks really good . . . and most buzzers seem to like?

I’ll have to watch the boards closer to arrival and see how it’s holding up! :happy:


I liked it…LTT not the pasta…I’ve never had that. We went for lunch and I thought it was excellent. If I remember The Dave had the pasta and did enjoy it…the sauce was kind of like mixing marinara and Alfredo together…


As i said earlier, we’ve both tried the pot roast and the hamburger and found them both to be very good. I did try a fish dinner there once (don’t remember what it was), but that was good also. Looking forward to it.


In all my 26 trips I have never eaten here. Maybe on my NOvember trip. I can’t believe this but I am not really sure where this is. Is it near the HM? Do I need PS?


Yes, you need an ADR (PS), it’s pretty popular. It’s in Liberty Square near the Christmas Store.


ohhh… that’s what I ordered last time! It was yummy! I’m a rather picky eater, so I usually stick to pasta and the like at restaurants. I don’t take pics of my food, so I can’t share… but Liberty Tree Tavern was the best food I had all week, so… maybe that helps.