Path to walk to Epcot


Was it said before there is a path from HS to Epcot? If so, where exactly is it at HS and where does it bring you out at in Epcot. About how long does it take to walk - normal pace.


There is a path that you can walk from HS to the Boardwalk - walk across the Boardwalk and it will lead you to a path to the International Gateway at Epcot.

The HS path leads you around the lake (where the Friendship boats are) along the parking lot and to the front entrance of HS.

I think you can also take a boat from HS to Epcot, but will have to stop at Swan, Dolphin, BC/YC and BW first.


There is also a boat from the boardwalk to Epcot . . . the walk is great after a full meal. We eat at Cape May Cafe, and then walk back to burn off breakfast! :happy:


If you head out of DHS towards the resort boats, there’s a path alongside the lake that will lead you past the Boardwalk and around to the back entrance of Epcot (puts you in World Showcase by Canada). As mentioned above, you could take the boat from DHS to Epcot, but it would stop at the Swan/Dolphin, Yacht/Beach, and Boardwalk (or they might be running two boats - one to Swan/Dolphin, one to Boardwalk and Yacht/Beach or something like that) before arriving. It would be more direct and likely faster to walk. At a normal pace, I would estimate it to be a good 20-25 minute walk.


There is, but it will take something like 30-35 minutes to walk it at a normal pace.
I think if you were to leave from the bus board at the same time the Friendship casts off, you will beat the Friendship to Epcot.
Basically, you’ll walk past the Boardwalk Villas and then onto the Boardwalk, cross the canal with the Beach on your left, turn right and continue to Epcot’s International Gateway which is right next to the Epcot Friendship Landing.
You enter the park with England directly in front of you and France off to your right if you cross the bridge over the “English Channel”.


By the way, when I was racing between Fantasmic and Illuminations, I would usually take the Friendship from MGM (name hadn’t changed yet) to the Swolphin which is the first stop and get off. I would then walk really really fast from Swolphin to Epcot rather than stay on the boat. The main walkways lead to the Swan and then back over a bridge past the Yacht/Beach and then directly to Epcot. I beat the boat every time by at least 10 minutes because the boat has to make stops at both Yacht/Beach and Boardwalk. There is a shortcut through the ground level of the Dolphin that cuts out the bridge and brings you to the Yacht’s walkway faster, but I can’t really describe here how to use it.
I was also lucky enough to get the first boat out. If I had to wait for the next boat I probably wouldn’t have made it in time.


You might also be able to cut 5 minutes off walk time if you are able to cut past the Boardwalk’s main pool and us a breezeway that connects to the grassy plaza between the villas and hotel sections of the Boardwalk rather than walk all the way around past Jellyroll’s and Atlantic Dancehall.


Head right after exiting DHS. The path follows the right side of the lake as you look at it from DHS. When you come to Luna Park, the Boardwalk pool, follow the path to the right of the Clown Slide. It will weave into the Boardwalk courtyard. Turn right and follow the boardwalk to Epcot. We ALWAYS walk. We’ve found that from a timing standpoint, it depends on where the boat is. If you can get it when you come out it’s quicker. If you see the boat coming, it’s probably a toss up, boat may be marginally faster.


We usually ride the Friendship Boat, but our daughter and her husband walk. They always get there before us…always!


It’s more like there is a connection between DHS and the Boardwalk, and then it is an easy walk from the Boardwalk to Epcot. I’m not sure it was intended as a connection between DHS and Epcot. That’s quite a hike.

I prefer the boats too.


Check out this link. It always helps if you can see what everyone is talking about.

MouseSteps - Walking the Disney’s Boardwalk (with plenty of photos!)


>>We usually ride the Friendship Boat, but our daughter and her husband walk. They always get there before us…always!<<

That’s actually quite good to know. I thought so, but never really knew.

I love the pics too. It is nice to see it.



Try and visit the Screen Door General Store on the Boardwalk. It’s the best general store at WDW!


Here is the path as far as the boardwalk. Its easy from there to get to Epcot.


Thank you so much! I’m going to print this off, and try it in January…I LOVE to walk!


wow, that looks a LONG ways!


It’s not short! We’re probably talking 1 1/2-1 3/4 miles. Or 1 mile as the crow flies. Of course, you’re not a crow.


Remember, that’s only half of the walk, the part from DHS to the Boardwalk.