Patience Paid Off!


I just looked on line and Pop was available for
the Fl Resident Rate. It was also a bit cheaper
because of the tax rate. YAY YAY YA. So I
called reservations and it was available. So happy
now. Everyone I talked to said they love Pop so
I was bound and determined to stay there. Now
I just have to convince my neighbor to watch
our big doggies. SO HAPPY!!!


Great for you! We’ll be there in 19 days!


Glad you got what you wanted!!! Only 15 days… lucky you!!


Just asked my neighbor if she would watch the dogs and she will. Yay we are there now for sure!!!


Congrats to you. I will be there in 20 something days


Yeah for you! That is awesome…congrats!


YEAH! It’s so exciting! I’m on a wailist for the resort I really want. I hope my patience pays off too! Only 15 days, how can you stand it! I have to book FAR in advance or I feel like I wont get the resort I want.


:mickey: Congratulations!! The best news is that you’ll be at POP in 15 days, the second best news is that you’ll be saving money to boot!! Have a most magical time.


Thanks everyone. It was such a last minute decision to go. I am so
happy that everything worked out.


Piling on. I was sure you’d catch a break.
Watch out for love bugs!


Hmmm? Not sure what you mean? There are alot of love
bugs there? Am I having a blonde moment?