Paying for a package


Does anyone know if I book a package through WDW, can I pay my balance with gift cards? What if we book through Mouseketrips? We are leaning towards renting points, so I believe I can use the gift cards to pay for the dining plan, just not sure about the package!! Thanks!!


I am planning on sending them monthly payments so by the time my trip comes around, it’s paid off.


I pay off my balance with gift cards every time I book a trip. I get a “kick back” on my DD’s tuition if I do that. If I book with points, I pay for the DDP with gift cards to rack up some $$$ in gift cards. I book my packages mysel and pay online here and there. It’s nice to make payments rather than try to shove it all out at once. You have to pay for your balance in full 45 days before you get there…can’t pay at the resort at check in. didn’t know if you knew that. I am not sure about paying Mousektrips with gift cards however. You would need to ask them that.


Is there a number or something on the gift cards that identify them?