Paying for a reservation online at


Can you still make room payments on I know last Nov. when I looked at my confirmation number online that I could. I think I made two or three payments that way. Now when I look at my confirmation it does not give me that option. Anybody know for sure?


I don’t know the answer to this either, but I would like to know too.


Yes as of Aug 05…I have used it a few times. :smile:


I jus made a payment a couple of weeks ago :slight_smile:


I too actually made one the other day…
you have to log in and go to my vacation… where it will give you your countdown and underneath will be “retrive your reservation” plug in your confirmation number and phone number and that will bring up your accomodations and will give you an arrow to make a payment!


Cool! I’m writing down those steps on how to pay it right now. I’m sticking it with my package print-out.


yes, just made a payment last week.


I used that awhile back. It was a nice way to pay off a trip slowly. I would do it again. I liked watching the money I owe shrink…lol


Was this for a package or a hotel only reservation? I have a room only reservation and would be interested if I could pay off additional nights before I get there so I have less to pay when I get home.


i’m sure if you have a confirmation number you could try it and if it works let everyone know as i’m sure you aren’t the only one with that question!

We booked a package, with the free dining…and i booked over the phone but can still make the payments online.


I know you can make payments with the vacation packages, we were on one the last trip simply because it was an awesome deal, we got 2 nights free. I’ve sent Disney an email asking if I can make payments on a room only ressie. I’ll let you guys know what I hear back. I’m hoping we can because it will make it much easier if we can pay for some of it in advance so we’re not killed at Christmas when we get back since we get back 3 weeks before christmas.