Paying for DDP on a DVS ressie


I am sure this has been asked before and I apologize for any repetition. Anyway, I know that on my last trip (first DVC trip) we paid for the Dining PLan at check in at the resort. Does anyone know if you have to pay at check in or if there is any way you can pay in advance of your arrival? I’d like to have it all taken care of before getting there if possible. Thanks!


I’m almost certain you can only pay when you get there.


I agree, I think it can only be paid at check in.


In all of my experiences you are asked to pay at check-in.


We’ve always paid at check.


They make you pay at check in!


I have the same answer!


Thanks everyone! That is pretty much what I thought, but figured I would ask in case anyone else had a different experience!


What you could do is this…
Go to the Disney store and get a GC. Add money to it whenever you can and that way its kind of like pre paying. Thats what I did when we went in Dec.