Paying online


Has anyone payed for their WDW trip on the Disney website? I am trying to do that since yesterday but I keep getting an error message saying that the website is not responding. I am only making a partial payment so I was trying to avoid calling. I hate calling…so sick of all the automated questions and everytime it tells me to spell and say my last name they keep repeating it wrong! :wacko: So…I thought it’d be easier to take care of it online :glare:


yes it should be no problem,and i agree about the phone system it is always changing and hardly ever improves,how about a phone number exclusive to each reason for the call…like dining…or room res for 8 and under etc…


BE CAREFUL paying on line. We tried to make a partial payment on line and it charged the entire balance. There was no partial payment option.


I was never able to make a payment online. I tried several times.


YIKES!! That would be a problem!! :angel: Thanks for the heads up!


Well I’m glad it wasn’t just me…guess I’ll give them a call! Thanks!!