Payment types


OK this is going to be an odd question… I was just recently at AK and there little food cart took credit cards/debit cards, I haven’t been to the MK in a bout a year. Do all the little food cards take credit/debit cards does anyone know? I rarely have cash on me and use debit card.


Yes, most take them.
It wouldnt suprise me if the coke machines are taking debit/credit cards these days.


Me, too!

I use mine alot at WDW…I do think that most place take them.


Yes the Coke machines do take Credit cards :eek: They have to at $2.50 a pop. :eek:


I use my check card for EVERYTHING!! I think alot of carts in WDW are taking cards b/c of the new dining plan and having to swipe those cards. I am not sure the reason but I jsut find it so much easier to put the cash safe in my bank account and use my debit card for all purchases. This way I am not toting a bunch of cash and god forbid if anything happens to the card I have the bank number memorized.


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: See and I was just trying to be funny!


I never had a problem paying with my debit card at the carts when I was there in June. I also charged a lot of things to my room and that was really convienent as well.


I charged stuff with my room pass all the time. I’m not sure that the soda machines don’t take them as well. (though I find it cheaper in the long run to buy a refillable mug)


Thanks everyone… wow I forgot about the room thing, that could get me into trouble… lol wow the soda machines too?


yeah, I love just charging it to the room. Thats what we do at Disneyland, I feel like Eloise “and charge it please!”


I know, isn’t it wonderful!!!


We did both as well with no problems. I haven’t tried the Coke machines yet :laugh: :mickey: