PC and bus transportation


I’ve noticed on a few threads that people have had problems with PC and their buses being overcrowded or not coming frequently enough. Can anyone respond to this? I am looking forward to PC, but am not fond of waiting around for buses. Has this glitch been worked out??


We were there the week after Easter. Only once did we wait more than ten or fifteen minutes for a bus and that was Friday night to DTD. As for overcrowded, I would say that about 50% of the time people were standing but it all depends on what time you catch a bus. Early morning is always busy and end of the day is always busy. We noticed that the other resort buses were pretty much the same. We had to stand a few times but it wasn’t unbearable because the ride is so short. Overall, we loved the PC transportation. Hope this helps.


You should have no worries. PC bus transport is great!!!


When we stayed at PC in Nov last year, the bus line from the MK back to PC after wishes was HORRIBLE. It was lined up past the other All-Stars… you couldn’t even figure out who was in what line. They did keep radioing for buses, so the line moved pretty fast, but just the sight of it was a little overwhelming at the end of a long day! I seriously thought I was gonna be in the MK bus lot for hours. I haven’t heard many people having the same problem since then, so maybe they’ve gotten it all worked out. I’m sure Disney wouldn’t let something like that go on very long.