PC Decade Sayings


OK well shortly after our trip to PC, we started thinking up sayings that they might put on a building for today. Has anyone done this or am I just weird like that?! I’ll say we came up with some pretty interesting ones… how about you?


LOl I haven’t really thought about that, but I haven’t had the pleasure of staying there yet either. Sayings for today: Bling-bling, Whatever!, What’s up Dog?..ok I’m not even serious with these…just having fun. What ideas did you come up with?


Mine were more computer related like LOL, or jk, but I had others like “special” or “different”. I think Bling-Bling would HAVE to be up there!!!


lol I wasn’t serious, but now that I think of it, Bling bling did just make the dictionary, so maybe I wasn’t to far off. :heart:


I have stayed at PC twice, but I never thought of any sayings. I have to agree with Dana though, good choices.


I am a newbie. We will be staying at PC in 15 days.We have stayed at ASM 4 times.Are they on the same genre?How’s the food ,rooms… Any advice would be helpful


Hi there, pkc123! Welcome to DisneyCentral! Great to have you here!

Try starting a new thread in the “Resorts” forum so that people will see your question! There are so many nice & helpful people here --I’m sure you’ll get lots of opinions! (I haven’t been to either, so I’m sorry but I can’t help, personally!)

See you on the boards!


I can tell you that PC is a well designed resort. It is similar to ASM in colorful theme, and construction design. Also, the wild icons continue at DC. If you want to be very close to the bus stops, and Everything Pop(The combined food court and store), then submit a request for the 70’s building. Any other questions?