PC's "second half"


Any word on the “second half” of Pop Century? I wonder what it will be themed around. That is, will they re-arrange the current buildings to include more per decade so that there are some decade “left” for the other part of PC? Or is the whole project on the back burner for now?


Many of us are hoping the Family Suites will do well and they’ll decide to do the second half, at least partially, in that way. But, as far as I know, there is no official news yet.


The family suites is what I was going to say too. They may be testing out this AS family suite first before they finish…just a guess.


It will be great when the Legendary Years is finished.


I heard that they might build the family suites there as well. I did hear that they would have to basically tear down everything that was built and start over from scratch if they decide to do that,though. I think it would be a geat idea.


I hope they turn them in to family suites.


Sorry - but I’ve kinda been out of the loop for a while I guess. What are The Legendary Years?


It’s the term Disney released for that section. The section that is open is the classic years (1950 on up, I think). The legendary years will be 1900 through 1940. At least that was the plan at one time.


Oh, I see… Since Disneyland and I were both born in 1955, I guess I forgot there were years before the 1950s…LOL.


I think Family Suites are the best idea Disney’s had! I’m sure they’ll be a huge success at the All Stars, and will hopefully be incorporated into Pop Century. It must be really hard for familes with more than 2 kids. It doesn’t seem fair to have to rent additional rooms. I’m glad Disney is starting to think of stuff like this.


you and me both :slight_smile: I was even born the same month as DL :heart:


I stayed there a few weeks ago. It looks like they are building additional buildings across the lake (I stayed in the 50’s building 3). So the current layout will not be altered, I think. And I assume that they’ll create another main lobby in that area.


Lefty, those buildings have been there for QUITE some time.

Yes, the original plan was to build a duplication of the “classic years” on the other side – however, with the delay in construction, etc. it would not be unbelieveable for Disney to rework their plan and either renovate or rebuild some of the existing structures…many of us are “hoping” for more of the suites!! I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!


Ah, good to know (I assumed the former simply because of all I’ve heard about ‘phase 2’…I’ll ask about it when I go back in the summer).


Definitely let us know what kind of answer they give you!!