PDD Therapy


hello. my name is tragic312 and i suffer from post disney depression (PDD). it all started at the beginning of this year when i realized that my DH and I wouldn’t be going back to WDW anytime soon. i have come to terms with this notion for a while but every now and then i find myself going into a relapse. i find myself going through withdrawals sometimes. seeing the commercials on TV does not help. watching the movies takes my mind off of it but it doesn’t help when certain events in the movies makes me want to go back.

i know one day we’ll eventually go back to WDW. but, as of right now, i’m suffering from PDD really bad and don’t know what to do. i am here tonight to get the proper treatment that i need. with all of your love and support, i might make out of this PDD alive. thank you for listening.

who’s next to take the podium?


You crack me up!!


LOL. Well, I’m glad I made someone laugh. the other day in my literacy class, i told some of the girls that we were going to florida, but to south florida, for rob to take the physical test that he needs to apply for police jobs down there. but before i could tell them why we were going, one of the asked if we were going to disney. i dropped my head to my desk and wanted to cry, but instead said, “no, i wish cause i’m going through withdrawals.” so then, i thought later on in the day, “there has to be others on DC that are going through what i’m going through right now. if there was some sort of support group, we can help each other out.” so, that’s the reason why i started this PDD therapy thread: to help those, like me, admit they have a problem and seek help.


Hello Tragic312!!!

Welcome to Disney Central!

I have found that Disney has good websites, where they play the same rift over and over and over and over and over and over and over…

One NEVER gets tired of listening to the magic!!


I wonder how big of a room we would actually need, if those of us who will actually admit we need PDD therapy, would all gather together for one really BIG therapy session. And who shall our therapist be???

:mickey: :biggrin: :mickey:


I know exactly how you feel. I usuall start my PDD once we get back into the truck and drive away from WDW. On the drive home, when we cross over the border of Florida/Georgia I get a empty feeling in my stomach… Leaving Florida is when it really hits me… And it doesn’t go away until my next WDW trip finally arrives…


Hi, I’m Richard :mickey: and I’m a Disney Addict.

I have DVC points, and all I can think is “I NEED MORE POINTS.”

It’s been two weeks since my last trip. I’ve been there 5 times in the past year and I have a trip planned for June and working on a Dec trip. I’m too excited to sleep. :biggrin:

I tried to get a fix by a trip to King’s Dominion, but it just left me feeling cheap and used.

On my last trip, I even turned my best friend and his wife into DA’s. :eek: I had them inside a DVC model, and we took the parks commando style. At the end of the trip they converted their three day passes into ANNUAL PASSES. :noo:


Sorry, Tragic…there is no known cure.


Hello, my name is “Screever” and it has been almost…sob TWO YEARS since my last visit to WDW. If that wasn’t bad enough, college has enabled me to live only FOUR HOURS from Orlando. Thus begins my trials with PDD. :crying:

I gently pester my mom now and again about plotting a trip in early December, when the crowds are low and the weather is keen. Just me and my folks. We’re biding our time right now since we don’t know a) if we can afford it and b) what the holidays from heck will bring. (We’ve had some pretty crappy Christmases with people getting sick or dying…)

It’s all I can do to keep myself from planning the trip in any way, shape or form! I don’t want to come off as a brat to my mom, but MAN I am in desperate need to go back. I would go by myself if my parents allowed. I always had a grand time strolling the MK on my own when I was a CP!

My PDD is so bad that lately between classes I’ve resorted to watching old Disney shorts that I burned to CD years ago. Just today I watched Cinderella, and thats not even my favorite. The sign on my dorm room door has the options: IN, OUT, Do Not Disturb, or Disney. (The latter two may as well be in the same category - “leave me and my Mickey alone!!” :pirate: )

Yes, its bad. No, I don’t cry myself to sleep over it, but someday I just might. I JUST MIGHT.

In the meantime, how do I help myself? :crying:


Hello, my name is llama and I am a Disney Addict. :crying:

It’s been two months since my last trip to WDW.

I find myself fantasizing about winning the lottery, which will enable me to buy enough DVC points for six months at WDW. Since the only thing I’ve ever won was a pork cookbook, my chances aren’t good. :crying: Like rlcarmichael - I NEED MORE POINTS - and I’m willing to do practically anything to get them - short of anything that involves a jail term.

To make matters worse my dh makes me associate with a bunch of people who think that only the simple-minded spend their time at WDW. I am now ashamed to tell people where I go on vacation. I slink out of the house in the pre-dawn hours.

My daughter has burned a CD of Disney memories. Every time I hear “please stand clear of the doors…” I get a lump in my throat and my eyes tear up. I found myself humming “There’s a Great, Big, Beautiful Tomorrow” in the check-out line at the grocery the other day. Doesn’t matter what the circumstance is - I have a Disney memory for it. My dds are just the same - poor children, they come to their mother for help - but the helpless cannot help. :crying:

DC is the only place I can come for understanding. My dh promises me another trip soon, but says I must be “mature” and wait awhile. I find myself wondering why I married this man :dry: … and how much insurance he has :dry: …


Hi my name is Dana and I am a WDW addict. My PDD starts as soon as the plane from orlando takes off and I’m on my way home from a trip. I remedy that by planning a new one as soon as possible.


ROTFLMAO :tongue:

Mmmmm? If you got a jury with PDD they’d never convict you. Probation at best and that fits your criteria. :wink:


i think we’re gonna need a really big room for all of our addicts. as for therapists, i think at this rate we will all play a role as a therapist and help each other out. we’re all in this together and we will all get each other out of this PDD slump.


ok, my PDD got a little worse tonight. i was browsing through comcast on demand for something to watch. while looking through music, i checked out the specials and found a disney concert with jim brickman. it was a 20 minute concert in the MK and as soon as i saw the castle, i started to cry. jim brickman played the disney songs on the piano and did a wonderful job. he started the show off with BATB. but once i saw that castle and saw main street all lit up, i started to cry. i’m a little better now but am still suffering.


I always get that certain nagging when I know my PDD is bad. Like watching WDW’s Fantasmic via R2G’s wonderful collection of links. I cried so badly at the end, I knew I had crossed the line. I won’t let myself watch any more of the videos!


this concert was found by accident. i know one website that shows “Wishes” and i had to prevent myself from watching it cause i know i would’ve cried like a baby. are there any prescription drugs that PDD sufferers can take to relieve the pain?


:laugh: Awww, I don’t think so! Unless they’ve invented some kind of Disney sugar pill!


um, yeah. :nonono2:


Next you’ll be starting to hide Disney memorabilia around the house.

After that, you’ll find yourself watching Disney movies alone.

Then you’ll soon hit the hardstuff. :eek:

Going onto the internet and seeking bigger fixes…

Bad tragic312! :nuke:

If you are going to be strong, you should avoid situations that might lead to a relapse. :frown:

Courage. :wub:


The good news is you can go on all those new virtual Disney sites! So you can ride the rides and feel like you are there! OK, ALMOST!!!