Peacock Suites


i had an idea about using our timeshare for our possible disneyland/birthday trip next year. i found the peacock suites in our book and so far it looks pretty good. it’s a 4 minute drive from the hotel to DL and 26 minutes from Long Beach. we usually fly with jetblue so long beach is the only airport we can fly into from vegas.

has anyone ever stayed at the peacock suites? i was wondering so i know whether or not to stay here. thanks guys for the help.


Sorry, I haven’t, but I have flown Jet Blue into and out of the Long Beach Airport… It’s not a bad airport, fairly small, so it’s not congested… :smile:

A very quick drive up to Disneyland… :mickey:


I have been to Long Beach before and it is a small airport, for Jetblue. I don’t know about the rest of the airport. Thanks for your input. I appreciate it.