Peggy's Sweets And More.... NO MORE!


I was just on Peggy’s site looking for ideas on my friends birthday for our November trip when I saw this message:

I’ve been presented with a wonderful opportunity. I have been offered and have accepted a teaching position. I have not taught in many years and have been wanting to get back into the field for a long time. However, I will not be able to maintain this business and teach.

Effective today, I will not be taking any new orders. I will complete the orders I have received and confirmed. I start teaching next week. I apolgize for the short notice, but I was just offered the position today.

I appreciate the orders I’ve received over the past two years and the many nice comments people have made about my baskets. Perhaps someday I will do baskets again. In the meantime, I wish all of you the very best!


:crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying:

There goes my Birthday ideas (dd’s b-day next year)!!!

:frown: :frown: :frown: :frown: :frown: :frown: :frown:

I was just on that other site WDW florist but I think Peggy’s was better! :crying:

oh well…


I have never heard of Peggy’s Sweets.

Bummer that messes us your plans, Val.
Glad for Peggy, though.


I heard about her from DT!
She has some awesome baskets!!!


This is a big bummer Val! I was going to use it for my DS’s birthday in Dec. Boohoo. Oh well. At least she is going on to do something she wants to do! Good for her.


That stinks for you, Val! What kind of baskets does she do? Maybe you can take a pic of hers from her site and duplicate it on your own? :confused:


What a clever idea Kim!!


Kim, she took down the website, all you get is that message that I posted. She made up baskets that you picked out. She had all sorts of disney stuffed animals, you could pick between all sorts of snacks and all those disney ones too and candy bars, soda, etc… You basically picked the items and she made up the basket and had it delivered to your hotel room. And I believe her baskets came with balloons and a card (am i right Steph?)
Iam not sure what items I was going to pick but I was figuring on a Mickey plush, my friend loves mickey and the rest I wasn’t sure yet. Iam not creative at all and Iam lazy! I rather pay someone to makeup a basket and deliver for me. I was also going to use her for my DD’s birthday for Dec 2007. I checked out WDW Florist but I think the baskets there are way over priced and I didnt want flowers.

Iam definately going to call O’hanas this week and order a cake for our dinner that we have booked together (we have 1 meal together out of the whole week and we are both dining at CM’s for breakfast 1 day, our ADR’s are 10mins apart but we are dining separately), and I also told the CM on the phone that my friend is celebrating her 35th B-day and she added it on to ALL her ADR’s hehehehe Evil grin. I plan on calling ASMo too when we arrive so they can send balloons and a birthday message (My friend LOVES Mickey!!). I know her son is going to be the one to tell everyone it’s her birthday! But i wanted added assurance, she was greeted with a “happy birthday” message everywhere she went!! :happy:

Hey, do you guys think if I bought something, like a mickey blush at a gift shop they would deliver it to her room??? hmmmm that I think I can handle! :laugh:


I agree. I also have never heard of it.


Aww, what a bummer. :frown: Sorry about that!


What a bummer i was planning on using her for a basket for my trip next April. Is there anyone else out there that does these?


Val, what’s a Mickey BLUSH?

And girl, I TOTALLY think you can make one on your own and either send it down, or put it together when you get there. I always wanted to start a business doing these fun types of baskets…hmmmmm…:happy:


iluvwdw had a good idea.

Perhaps you can find the creative muse in you… :wub:


ooops! I meant a mickey PLUSH, you know a stuffed animal? but I can’t call mickey a stuffed animal, it’s a Mickey Plush! :wacko:
i think i lost it now… :laugh:

I think I may just buy 1 and hand it to her! :laugh:
seriously i am not creative at all and I am lazy! I hate those sort of things, I rather pay someone else to do it, but Iam not going to dwell on it or drive myself nuts, I think I will get her something from the store on the 2nd floor of the Poly and give it to her during dinner and Iam going to order a cake as well. (I love that shop at the Poly!!!)

Thank you Kim for the ideas though… :happy: I guess I was just hoping there was someone out there like her that did the same sort of thing, more so for my DD but I have another year for that one!
Anways, that’s nice that you are talented to do things like that. I still want to become an independant Disney travel agent on the side .


I read about this a week ago and I was so bummed. I got Nathan’s birthday basket form Peggy in May and it was wonderful.


ME TOO!!! (when my youngest goes to school, so I have time while at home :happy: )

And you’re so welcome for the ideas. Whatever you decide to do will be special for your friend. No worries!!! :happy:

And P.S. now I get it about the Mickey PLUSH! I was thinking they had makeup blushes that came in the shape of a Mickey head. I was gonna have to go buy it!!! LOL :laugh:


You can get discounts on your future WDW trips by being an agent as well!!! :happy:

I tend to worry alot! :blush: Just my nature…

LMAO!!! I didnt know they made those!!! :laugh:
we are obsessed!!! lol
Whey they talk about “Disney nuts” at work, I leave the room! :glare: People just dont get it!
This one lady tells me… “There’s other places you can go on vacation, there is a whole world out there!” :pirate:

hmmm I do have to agree…

Disneyland, Ca
Tokyo Disney
Paris Disney
etc… :biggrin:


HAHAHAH…TRUE!!! I tend to go on two major vacations every year…one HAS to be Disney World. NO QUESTION!!! Although DH isn’t happy about it, he’s come to accept it. He says my kids are brainwashed! Get this…my 1 year old was running around the house with a Disney on Ice Princess post card we got in the mail. She was kissing it and wouldn’t let it go! Laughing hysterically at it. She is 1 and ALREADY she’s got my back!!! LOL

And I am TOTALLY going to be a Disney Travel Agent one day…I have ALWAYS wanted to be a regular travel agent…I think I would do Disney so much better!!! :happy:


LMAO!! :laugh: I dont see my DD backing down anytime soon either, not that I want her to anways! :angel: lol

I worked for Liberty Travel until 9/11 happened :frown:
I was only into it a year and Liberty had an excellent training program, i always wanted to do something in the travel business ( i also worked for kiwi airlines and central holidays, an italian tour co.), anyways I got a job w/Liberty great! But my office was very prejudice at the fact that only the senior agents got the good bookings, while they threw all the airline tickets at me, and I did some disney trips but i didnt know much being that i never been there and I was still wet behind the ears so to speak, so 9/11 happens and because I was at the bottom of the totem pole, i got layed off! :frown: I was layed off for a loong time, about 10months and going through other personal life changes and I was unable to get back into the travel industry. So now I have the knowledge and the love for travel and disney I want to do it on the side. I already contacted one disney travel agency but I need to be able to get a little “office” set up in my home, pay for a second phone line, fax line, buy a fax machine, filing cabinets, and pay for a private email, when and if iam able to do all that then Iam set!!! :angel:


I did the SAME thing. I have all of the info saved by another travel agent who works for a Disney ONLY travel agency (maybe it’s the same one you’re thinking of!) It all sounded GREAT, except for the fact I have a 1 year old at home who needs my attention MOST of the day. So it wouldn’t work if someone called me to book a trip and my daughter was screaming in the background. :pinch: I would LOVE to at least work for Liberty or something part time, at night maybe, to get some experience in the industry. I went to school for hotel/restaurant management, then dropped out before the end of my first year! :ph34r:


Hmmm… MouseFan Travel??? I dont know of any others that I can do this with…

That’s the good thing, you do it in your own FREE TIME!
Iam going to start off with friends and such, maybe do some advertising through my DD and school and such and word of mouth will get you business too!
Your not required to do so much but after your 6th trip I believe then you get your Iatan card to use your travel agent discount! Plus I would get discounts booking my disney trips through Mouse Fan travel. Also you get referrals from their website.
For Liberty Travel I had to go to Ramsey, NJ for training, i skipped some because I had knowledge, so I went for 2wks and you live there during the week M-F, i think the full training is like 4wks. I was able to leave my daughter with my mom and she watcher her, she was just a toddler, maybe 2 at the time, boy i missed her! that was the hard part!