Pensacola, Florida


What is the best way to get to Disney from Pensacola FL? Also if I were planning a trip to Disney would there be anything interesting to see in Pensacola, Florida along the way?

Just Jabber in if you have any tips for me. :biggrin:


ME!!! And Allyson!! LOL, I’m in P’cola, she’s in Crestview.

I don’t the road names in the immediate Orlando area, it’s a shot eastbound on I10. I know at some point near Orlando, you get on I75. :huh:

But seriously - the beach is obviously the main attraction. If you’re into history, Pensacola has a ton of it. And we have the Naval Aviation Museum, Ft Pickens, Ft Barrancas, etc.

Anything else? There’s this too: Visit Pensacola


I believe the Blue Angels are based out of Pensacola. That’s all I remember. We flew into Pensacola to go to the Super Bowl back in '97 (drove from Pensacola to New Orleans). We almost landed on another plane on the runway. That wasn’t much fun!!!


You’re going to have to get better than that if your going to have an Seasonal Pass soon. :tongue:

Do you think we can talk about Pensacola for 183 more posts? :wink:


We sure can try. :wink:

I can’t name roads to save my life. I’m one of those ‘turn left at the burned house, go 3 blocks, pass the Wendy’s, then take a right on the 3rd street down’ kinda people.

Boo’s, the Blue Angels are based here. But they do spend 6 weeks in El Centro, CA for winter training.


While I don’t live in Florida, I visit the Florida panhandle at least once a year to visit family. Being a Jersey Girl, I spent many a summer, and still do, at the Jersey Shore. But I have to say that I absolutely love the Florida Panhandle beaches, Destin, Crystal Beach. To say how beautiful they are is an understatement. The sand is like sugar, and the water is this captivating emerald color. If you can, stop by the beaches for a little R&R. The Destin area has a terrific restaurants, and Bay Towne Wharf is a hoot! My guess is Destin is a hour or so east of Pensacola.