Peppertink's TR...finally


I just tried to post the first part of my TR and got kicked out! :nonono2: :nonono2:


Okay…I’ll try again…

Me, DH, DD(dad), DM(mom), DS(sister) and DA(aunt)…All kids at heart:) :wink:


Had to get up before the crack of dawn because the shuttle was picking us up at 430AM :eek: :eek: …Not an easy thing for me because I DON’T do mornings! But…I sucked it up because after all…I’m goin to Disney World! :happy: Got to the airport, checked in… no problem. Got to the gate…everyone decided they were hungry and wanted to eat. I wasn’t hungry so I volunteerd to watch everyones carry on stuff while they all went to hunt food. Popped in the iPod and people watched as I listened to my fav. tunes :wink: Flight was uneventful…love those non stops…arrived just before 3pm. Magical Express worked well…errr…sorta. No problem finding them at MCO…checked in, got in line for POR and then got on the bus in a few minutes. In no time we were checking in at POR. Took a little longer than usual because the printer thingy wasn’t working…but we were patient and the CM just kept at it. Our rooms were in Acadian House in Magnolia Bend. Rooms were as I remembered, nice. The refrigerator was especially nice. Unpacked the stuff in our carry ons and then everyone decided they wanted to go of and explore…I decided that I wanted to stay in the room and rest :happy: Yeah…quiet :happy: After a while I changed for dinner…DH, DD DS and I had reservations at Tchoup Chop at the…gasp :eek: Pacific Resort at Universal. Found everyone else sitting in the bar area. DM and DA had decided that they would stay at POR for dinner so we sat with them until it was time for us to meet our driver. Dinner was…wonderful! Everything was great from the Mai Tais to dessert…me loves the bannana cream pie! :happy: Got back to the resort at about 1030pm and figured our bags would be in the room so that we could unpack. Well…sorta…when we got back to our rooms we saw that the door to my parents rooms was open and that my aunt was talking to my mom. It seems that the bags had just arrived. I thought…okay…it took a little longer than I thought it would, but no problem…I wasn’t sitting around waiting for them to arrive before I started my vacation. No big right? Well…yes except for the fact that my DA’s luggage was not to be found. It seems that the bag was…lost… :sad: The good news is that all of the CM’s we spoke to were very helpful or at least tried to be. They even kept us updated on the progress or lack there of and advised her that if she needed she could buy some essentials and get reimbursed(including taxi cost to the local Walmar). My DA did end up buying a few things and was reimbursed immediately… no problem. Her bag was delivered some time the next afternoon when we were off at MK :happy: So…alls well that ends well… :happy:

Well…sorry if I went on and on…I’ll try and edit better :pinch:


Sorry about your aunt’s luggage.but it was nice she was re-imbursed for her purchases.


I have been waiting for your TR… When I saw the title, I almost cried, I thought you had a bad time :cry:

Off to a good start my friend! I can’t wait for more :mickey:


The “argg” had me thinking it was a pirate themed trip report…lol kidding. Sorry about your aunt’s lost bags, but love the way disney handled it. I can’t wait to read on.


soooo, where’s the rest of the report? Or did you go home the next day? :huh:

co’mon write s’more…


That not a great start to a trip but at least your DA got the money back!
I am with Dopey, where is the rest of your report? I get all excited when I see a new trip report!


Sounds good so far… but what’s that place you talked about? Universal? Never heard of it. Are you sure it exists? Hmmmm… I must investigate.

Universal. Nope. Don’t know what that is.

Let’s see… we get off the plane… the driver picks us us… we drive towards all the signs with the mouse ears…

Nope. No Universal.

You must be mistaken. I don’t think that place is real.


:laugh: :mickey: :laugh: :mickey: :laugh: :mickey: :laugh: :mickey: :laugh: :mickey: :laugh: :mickey:


Very nice so far! Sorry about your aunt’s luggage. Glad it did turn up though. Please write more!


DO NOT APOLOGISE FOR GOING “ON AND ON”. The more “on and on” the better! Love it and can’t wait for more!


Lisa :mickey:


Day 2

Stitch :wub: and Mickey called to start the day…Yea!
Up and at 'em…Today is MK!!! :wub: :heart: First have to meet for a quick breakfast and then off to see Mickey :tongue: It amazes me how much that first sight of Main St. and the castle gets me every time :crying: Just had to stop and take it all in. The castle was so pretty…I have to say here that it ticks me off a bit that they did a better job on the MK castle than they did at Disneyland :nonono2: . What is that about??? So…anyway…we continue on our way down Main St. and I see that DA’s eyes are filled with…tears. This is her first trip to WDW and she is so happy, excited…everything :crying: It was so fun being with someone that has never experienced WDW…made it even more fun :tongue: We take our time heading down Main St. I love to just watch all of the people heading into the park at this time of day. Everyone is so fresh and excited for the day ahead…much different scene in the middle or at the end of the day :pinch: We finally make our way to the hub and try to decide what we want to do first…so…was it Space Mountain, POC, SM, BTMRR??? NO! I don’t know how…but DS won out and we headed to…
The Hall of Presidents!!! :nonono2: :mad: Well…usually it’s okay…I like history and all…but THE FIRST THING??? UGH! So…that happened and then I got to choose the next ride…YIPPEE!! Off to SM we go…no one better whine about not wanting to get wet! Weeeeeeeeeee…SPLASH!!! :tongue: I just love that drop especially from the front of the log…to say that I got wet is an understatement…I got soaked :tongue: Good thing it was early so that I had the rest of the afternoon to dry out. After that we hit BTMRR, POC…stopped for lunch and then off to Mickey’s Philharmagic…can I just say…I loved this :wub: Took the nice quiet path from Mickey’s Toontown to Tomorrowland and decided to rest on a bench for a bit…had to keep the energy up and all :wink: Did Tomorrowland…Stitch was cute(I thought) :tongue:, SM fun as always…decided it was time to head back to POR so that we could get ready for dinner at Hoop Dee Doo later(much later) that night. Rested a bit back at POR then got ready so that we could head back to MK so that we could catch the ferry to Fort Wilderness. I love that ferry ride(boat really), get to see all the hotels around the lake…so pretty at night :wub: Hoop Dee Doo was fun as usual and everyone had a great time…our table was at the very front so got lots of attention from the CM’s in the show :blush: Back to POR…late…we say the late HDD show so we were back by around 12am…I think I was asleep before my head hit the pillow :sleep:


Sounds like a great trip so far! That’s funny that Hall of President’s was the first attraction you did. :laugh: Can’t wait to read the rest!


Heehee, that is funny. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone doing that first. Does anyone ever go to that attraction?!


Thanks guys…rub it in :dry: :tongue:


Oh, we’re just kiddin… :angel:


:tongue: I’ll rub it in :wink: It’s a unique way to start your trip, and forever your DA can say her very first attraction at MK was HoP–not many people over the age of 84 can claim that, you know :cool:

I’m only kidding :heart: . I love that your DA teared up, and HDD was fun for all. How was your weather? Too hot? Too cold? Just right?


How was the weather? Glad to hear you thought Stitch was cute. We might try it this time. I am ready for more!


Oh…sorry…the weather was great the entire trip…at least I thought so. Not too hot/humid and the evenings were just right. Perfect weather for those rides that get you soaked. Of course…all that sorta changed on the cruise part of the trip :pinch:


Yeeeeeha! :biggrin:

Great TR! Only 4 days until my TR starts to unfold… Ugh… I can’t stand it!


wow sounds like fun so far!!!
I love how Disney was so great about your Aunties luggage being lost, sounds like they treated the situation really well.
Hall of Presidents hee hee hee, anyone ever seen that SNL skit with Debbie Downer when they go to WDW? and she says “time to go on my favourite ride…the hall of president…waah wooh” hahaha
Can’t wait for more TR!