Peril’s and excitement 2008-Thanksgiving Trip Report…


The Cast…

Me - Nitaworm - 39yrs
DH - 39yrs
DS - 14yrs
Youngest DS - 5yrs
DD - 11yrs
Youngest DD - 7yrs

11/19-(Wed-Sat) - Wyndham Bonnet Creek, Orlando, FL (3-bedroom) - which is accross the street from Disney’s Carribean Beach Club Resort…

Well we left Wed. night with mixed plans. I planned on leaving at 7pm, and my dear husband decided to tell me in the am of Wed, that I needed an oil change for the truck. While at Jiffy Lube, we were told that we also needed a new headlight. I wanted to pay the $28 to have it installed. My he-man said he could do it and save us some money. Well needless to say…after he investigated the work needed (shortly before we left) he decided he should have paid someone to do it…so we went driving around aimlessly to find a Jiffy Lube or gas station opened at 8:30pm…finally my he-man decided that him and his son DS could put it in themselves. Luckily DS’s hand’s were small enough to get the light in and we were finally on our way at 9:45pm.

We drove through the night without mishap (I actually drove 4 hours in the beginning and 4 hours in the end) and arrived at Bonnet Creek @ 11:45am.

Shawn (my DH “Dear Husband”) and I forced the kids to let us take a 2 hour nap…”Or Else they were going to suffer” and they let us sleep while watching a movie.

When we woke up we went exploring…my oldest son, DS put on his roller blades and went skating around the resort, while the younger ones participated in the activities onsite that included, craft making, finger swimming, an ice cream social.


Lastly also finger painting where my Youngest DS decided to take his art to the side walk…and staff members had to scrub up his artful impressions.

We ended the evening watching the fireworks from Disney…and me saying…”I can’t wait til Friday when I can go to my ‘Happy Place’’ because I am truly a kid at heart and a Disney fanatic in training.


Awsome pics! Well worth the truck trouble, huh?


Oh…definately worth it…definately…


11/21-(Fri)- Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party (MVMCP), Magic Kingdom 3-12am

Well after eating the cereal and milk that I packed for breakfast, we headed to Walmart to get some basic essentials…food of course. The kids wanted to head to Magic Kingdom, but we held the tickets over their heads like carrots to a horse and lead them around for our errands before the afternoon’s activities.

I am kinda of a goofball about touring the resorts and seeing the Christmas decorations so we went to my favorite Disney resorts for decorations and décor – the Polynesion…which may be my favorite as I love Hawaii and the resort reminds me of an Hawaian island, and the tree inside the resort is HUGE…

We headed to Magic Kingdom and was able to ride all of our favorite rides with little or no lines.

We watched the firework show start with “tinkerbell” (a real person rigged by a cord) “fly” from the top of Cinderella’s castle to another building. Then the gorgeous and awe inspiring Christmas firework display that lasted about 20 minutes and was to music while the Cinderella castle lit up with different colors, lights and nutcracker figures.

I must admit that Disney out does the Washington Monument 4th of July firework display with some of the most original fireworks I have seen anywhere.

We enjoy going to the “MVMCP” because they have this wonderful Christmas parade, they have party areas with the character’s and carolers that come and sing. We ended the evening early since we rode all of our rides.

We watched the parade from main street, while fake snow fell on us. Its always magical for me…but DH just endures it and takes the video every year I drag him here.


Great photos, Nitaworm! I am enjoying your TR already. The kids are absolutely adorable!


“The kids wanted to head to Magic Kingdom, but we held the tickets over their heads like carrots to a horse and lead them around for our errands before the afternoon’s activities.”…

You had my daughter and I laughing out loud to this! The images that came to mind… tee-hee. My DD said it would be something I would do too. (and, I would!)

Can’t wait to hear more!


Thanks for the compliments on the kiddies…I just love little ones, and love that most about Disney…that there are lots of adorable little people partaking in the wonder of it all…

Oh if you think that earlier comment was funny… wait until I tell you about the Good, the Bad and the Ugly…


Well now the drama……

Just after returning from the park and laying down for an exhausted sleep, my DH starts to complain of chest pains…well I am seriously concerned because he never complains of chest pains. Well after much deliberation on his part … I CALLED 911! Mind you it is now 2am in the morning and we have a CRUISE to catch !? This man told me … “worst case babe…you take the kids on the cruise”… Was he insane?! I wasn’t going on a cruise and leave him in the hospital!

Anyway…we found out that he had “gull stones” and then he proceeded to check himself out of the hospital AGAISNT DR’s Order’s (he didn’t tell me this until we were on the long ride home) to go on our cruise…we made it in the nick of time as I had to pick him up at 10am to catch the cruise ship 1 hour away in Tampa.


11/22-(Sat-Thurs) - Carnival Cruise, Tampa, FL (Talum & 7-mile beach)

Well at this point I really wanted things to go easy. So I encouraged my DH to do the valet parking and to get a porter for our bags. Thankfully he listened without challenging me as he typically does…I guess a 8 hour stay in the hospital can wear a man down.

Anyway boarding took us about 30 min and we were on our way. The ship was of the smaller variety, but there were a lot of people there to meet…and you all know how I love meeting new people…

Some highlights…from the Carnival Cruise - Inspiration…


The Grand Cayman’s - Beach, Beach and more Beach…


The Good!

  • My favorite part was the trip to Cozumel to visit Tulum…it was amazing to see pyramid like designs created thousands of years ago. Also to get a taste of the history of the Mayan people.

  • The Cayman Island…had the most beautiful beach (and those of you that know me know I love, love, love the beach just as much as I love Disney)

  • The food was SOOOOO good…I probably gained about 10lbs…but it was worth it.

The Ugly

  • DS, was on the run from the camp director of the CO club as he was 14yrs old and wanted to be with other high schooler’s but she wouldn’t let him. She chased him, she called security on him and threatened to have him kept in his room. However, DS alluded her at every turn…I started to get the feeling the kid just liked tormenting her. He finally resigned to his fate and hung out with the dreaded “Middle Schooler’s” since he was a High School Freshman…it was not so hard for him to fit in…He was instantly “Cool”

  • DS, also didn’t realize that all the charges he made on his “cruise card” was charged to mom and dad’s credit card…he proceeded to charge about $180 in jewelry, t-shirts, pictures and candy!!! So needless to say I told him “Merry Christmas” cause he just got his Christmas present early… I am only getting him 1 item for Christmas this year.

  • Youngest DS’s shoe flipped off the ship while he was running the jogging track, and unfortunately the ship didn’t sell shoes his size, so he spent the rest of the trip barefoot.

  • Youngest DS also got a reputation at “Camp Carnival” as a wild child…need I say more?


Great TR!
Wow!:eek: I would have been freaking out about your DH, I’m glad to hear it was only gall stones, even though I know they are painful. :pinch:

Hope the rest of the trip went smoothly.


Cozumel –

We left the youngest 2 kids (wild child and angel girl) on the ship while we took the older 2 kids to Tulum to see the Mayan pyramids…


Looks like so much fun! Hope your DH was able to enjoy the cruise


Wow your Mexico photos are gorgeous! And the shoe…maybe I will try that too (hate wearing shoes, lol!)


11/27-(Thurs) - Back to Orlando and Swan-Garden Grove-Thanksgiving Dinner - 6:00pm

Let’s say I was a little disappointed in this one. We usually have Thanksgiving Feast at the Dolphin but they were booked, so I did it at the Swan and only got to see Goofy and Pluto…and yes I took pictures with them.

The food however was good, although not as great of a menu as they had at the Dolphin when I went 2 years ago.


Thank you … this trip was “dreamy” I will be paying it off until next year :blush: but hey…you only live once.

The cruise we booked 2 years ago and I paid on it every month…as you see we had inside rooms, but it was great as when we laid the kids down to sleep… they slept good and had to be awakened and so did I…

Going to Tulum was awe inspiring…a truly beatiful place.


DH said he felt better and was very picky about what he ate…hopefully he keeps it up and continues to take care of himself…

Hang on tight…I have much more to share…


Great start, can’t wait to read more! I hope your DH is doing better.