Perks and Advantages


We are going WDW in 10 days! Our Anniversary is actually a week later. Hubby couldn’t get the week off, so we had to go a week early. I have heard through these boards that you could get “special treatment” by advertising the fact that it’s your anniversary. What types of perks can you get by advertising our anniversary, and does it matter that it’s a week later? :cool:


I would mention to your resort that you are there “celebrating” your Anniversary. That is a truth, so your concience is clear. You may get a bit of special treatment here and there, but perks…not really. When you chekc-in to your restaurants, you may want to mention you are celebrating. You could get a few surprises, but I wouldn’t expect anything other than a cake or maybe an announcement or something. You and your DH could do the “rehitching” ceremony…I have heard that is very cute. Other than that, I have no suggestions.


Dana, you are terrific! You have been so helpful with all of my questions (even when they seem stupid). This gives me ideas, although hubby may not like it. :smile:


There is no such thing as a stupid question. Make hubby wear the groom mickey ears…lol he really will be embarrassed then. You can find them at the Grand Floridian. Your welcome for the help too. It’s what I am here for. :mickey:


I should buy them and give them to my son. He always puts hats on daddy. HEE HEE. Greg can’t say no too his son. Great tip!


hey guys i love disney world do u know any good websites?
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I hope these help.


thanx thats awesome did u ever try thats my favorite. even though im 12 i love disney everything its amazing im a disney maniac. thanx a bunch! :mickey: :laugh: