Persistance paid off!


Well well! We all know I had to down the resort from CSR to ASmovies. But to be honest I didn’t want to stay there. I wanted Pop. It doesn’t seem like a value. However it has been booked since May. I have looked everyday to see if it opened. Well,on my second attempt today a preferred room was available!!! So we are booked for Pop!!!


Great news!


Good for you !!! I like POP over the all stars too.

Don’t forget to change your signature. :happy:


sweet I will be at the pop in 30 more days I can’t wait.


Happy for you! Patience pays off!


Well done, glad it all worked out well for you.


Good for you. We liked Pop and the kids loved the larger than life decor.


I adored Pop. My bf didn’t care for it, but he isn’t paying for the trip Lol. I’m excited its a preffered room. It will be nice to be by the pool bar after a long day at the Parks. Plus…tyedied cheesecake!! Lol


That is AWESOME!

I loved POP and you will too. While it offers the same amenities as the All Stars it feels different! You will love it.



YAY!!! i was wondering why you didnt go to pop…we love pop!!
it really is a value that doesnt feel like a value!!


That’s great! That just does to show you shouldn’t give up, keep checking back for resorts and ADRs.


Congratulations! We’ve always enjoyed Pop~ & it’s great that it’s the only value resort with it’s own dedicated bus (the All Stars all share). Just one of those “little” things that you don’t think about it until the end of a long day at the parks!! ENJOY!!!


well done congrates.


Congrats to you. It does pay to be persistant!


It pays to not give up.
Reminds me of the first time we stayed at the Contemporary.
The room didn’t open up until a week before arrival.


I always perfer POP over the All Stars, if for nothing else having its own bus! I’ll be there on 8/1 and can’t wait!:happy:


The bus was one of the main reasons my bf wanted it. He doesn’t do well in crowds Lol


You just brigthened my day…congratulations and enjoy the POP!!


Thats great! It’s an awesome feeling when you get what you want after working for it!!


I get to change my signature again! I descovered that if I extended the trip a day and flew spirit airlines, not only would I get an extra day in the park, but it was about $35 cheaper than staying the days we booked and flying out of Philly! Woo