Personal fans?


Okay I looked at,, and Since we’re going at the end of May, I wanted to pick up those personal fans you hang around your neck, or the spray ones. Either or. But now I can’t seem to find them. I looke o n Google, and on Deb’s site, and it doesn’t say WHERE to get them… I want to get a bunch before I go, and I know they’re like $2-3… but where do you get them from?


I have found them at Wal Mart in the summer stuff.


Oh but they have those great ones at WDW. You must have one ot those. They don’t come cheap, I imagine, but they are good looking!!!


I have gotten them at kmart and at CVS drug stores in the past.


We bought a handful last year from Walmart. They were in the area by the paint and tools. Last year when we lost power during two of the Hurricanes here in Florida, they really came in handy.


They should be showing up sonn with the other seaonal merchandise. Maybe it’s just a tiny bit early right now.


I bet you’ll see them in the next month. Check the area at Walmart where pool supplies are slowly going in.


Arent they the best they should be showing up any day now in the stores.


That’s exactly where they were in my Wal Mart.


Try your local Eckerd/CVS or Wallgreens. I just put mine out yesterday in my store.


I just bid on some on ebay yesterday. I looked up spray fans. Hope that helps.


Unfortunately, they may be cute, but we’reon a budget here. So I’ll go out tonight and look at Walmart and CVS. Thanks though :slight_smile:


At which do you work? CVS or Walgreen’s? Just so I don’t have to hunt down both :slight_smile:

And do you all suggest the spray bottle fan (do they have straps)? Or just the little ones you can hang around your neck?


I bought one quite a long time ago at Bed Bath and Beyond and it worked well–and still does…and this is the best part…it was called…Mr. Mister…hahahahahahaha


Wal-Mart almost always gets them out around this time of year for $1.00 (without batteries) and they work great!

If you can’t get them beforehand, we picked up ours at a Publix in Kissimmee/Orlando on the way to WDW. They were a little more expensive (like $4-$5) but also seemed to be a little better quality. The bigger ones with a huge spray bottle attached were pretty pricey, probably cuz of the tourists. (About $12 I think.)

Definitely consider getting a spray one…OMG those things work wonders in the Florida heat. :whistling


I got three of these at Walgreen’s tonight for $2.99 a piece (cheaper than on eBay). Walmart had nothing. Now you may say it’s a summer thing, but I live in South Florida, where summer comes EARLY for us :wink:

They light up, and while they don’t have the foam blades, they have the clear bendable plastic blades, and you can just wear 'em around your neck.

Not sure if we’d need the mister or not, as they ARE kinda bulky (the ones I’ve seen), and the ones we saw tonight at Walgreen’s? They wanted EIGHT DOLLARS :blink: Besides, we’ll be bringing water bottles into the park anyways, so … :dry:

Now if we could find a small mister that you could wear around your neck like these that was about as cost effective, I’d be on board for that…


Dementia, sounds like you got an awesome deal! :whistling Those ones put out A LOT more wind than the ones with the foam blades. (The ones with the foam blades you usually have to stick about an inch from your nose to feel anything.) :laugh:

And yes…it’s true…the misters ARE bulky. :dry: We usually had to trade off on “mister-carrying-duty” so it’s not always a convenient thing. The smaller ones are nice, though.


I bid 10.00 for 4. They are new in the package. Shipping was only$4.28.


I have a small sprayer/mister I got at the end of the summer at wal-mart last year for 1.00 :smiley: I had a bulky Disney one from 1999, but the hard water at our house finally clogged it up :frowning: Another tip, get those neck gel things…mmmm…they feel GOOD! and we found out that most CM’s at the coke stands will let you put them in ice for a minute.


Aren’t those wonderful? They cool you right down. And then when you walk into an A/C’d place the air cools it too.