Personal safety in the parks


Some of you WDW veterans will know this, so hope you don’t mind me bringing it up…what about personal safety when you are sharing space with 30,000 of your new best friends during holiday periods at the parks? Any tips or stories to share?:ohmy:


Happily, I have no tips or bad stories to share. In fact, we have lost several expensive items over the years (Raybans, digital camera, etc) and someone has always turned them into security. I do feel safer at WDW than anywhere else.


I don’t have a single bad story either…


I don’t either…:laugh: I guess I take forgranted how comfortable I feel at WDW sometimes…


Guess it says a lot that we’ve never had a safety issue either. Always feel safe and sound at the parks. That doesn’t, however, eliminate the dopes, but they’ll always be with us, so it’s best just to ignore them.


I’ve never had any issues while at WDW…or DLR either.


No safety issues. But we did have our umbrella stolen on a rainy day. Put it down next to us to use one of the exhibits in Epcot and it disappeared. No one ever turned it in either. :angry:
I was really annoyed because we take for granted that people are there with their families and think they’ll be on their best Disney behavior.

Not always.

So just use your common sense and don’t leave your things unattended, be aware of your surroundings. You know… the usual stuff.


Zactly what I was gonna add!!! :happy:


No bad stories to report either.


Thankfully, I have no bad stories either.

IMO, WDW really is no different safety wise than any place else. Use common sense, and be aware of your surroundings. Take the same precautions you usually would.


We just held on to each other while walking in crowds. We went to the parks later and took advantage of the extra magic hours, the parks were empty compared to during the day when there were between 75000 and 88000 people in the parks. I did yell at an older gentleman for pushing my son, but it was extremely rude on my part since my son said he didn’t push him at all. I felt horrible about my rude behavior. So if that gentleman is a mousebuzzer, I’m very sorry.


Never anything bad. Well, bad coffee, but that wasn’t the question now, was it? :laugh:


Personal safety? I don’t even worry about personal safety when I walk through the pitch dark alleyway to get to my gym…in WDW, puleze…I dare someone to endanger my safety or that of my child…

What are we talking about here? A mugging behind the tea cups at night or someone stealing your purse? Are you thinking about an assult or something? WDW has THE best security even if you can’t always see it. They are totally in tune with what is going on in that park. I have been pushed etc from people just shoving, but I shove back so it doesn’t happen often or last long…lol


no, in fact I left my camera on top of the stroller when we went into the haunted mansion… When we came out-there it layed just where I left it. I was very surprised that no one bothered to take it! It would have been very easy to whisk it off the top of the stroller!


The only time I have ever had a worry about personal safety was on Dec 26 and I was in the Magic Kingdom. It was during the spectormagic parade and many many people were trying to get across the bridge going to Frontierland. Two wheelchairs going opposite directions got hooked on one another. We were stopped while they tried to separate them amidst the hunderds of people on the bridge. People behind us kept pushing and pushing. It was the closest to seeing people trampled I have ever witnessed. It was really scary. As far as people intentionally trying to hurt me, I have never had that fear at DW.


Your making me laugh to hard!


Someone (not me of course :whistling ) left our video camera on a bench in the rear of the castle at about 830PM. We were halfway down Main Street on the way out when we noticed. When we returned - it was gone. I walked to the nearest shop (Tinkerbell’s maybe?) and checked with the CM. He asked what brand. I told him and he pulled it out from behind the counter. :mickey: How cool is that!

I feel very safe in the parks and on the property. Don’t leave personal property out in the open. We’ve left stuff packed in the stroller without a thought - but never in the open. Mrs. Elmo never leaves her purse behind. Our stroller is well marked to avoid someone accidentally taking it.

Make sure your kids know what to do if they get lost from the group.

Also, know your way to the fire exits in your hotel. ALL disney hotels are protected by fire sprinklers and their fire safety record is flawless - but you still need to know the nearest exit.


I keep checking back in this thread, jsut to see if anyone has had any stories. I am not surprised that nothing has happened. It’s pretty rare for anything to happen when there are so manypeople around, even where I live. But I feel safe, even alone in resort parking lots and so forth.


I thought about this some more and have to say that I only worry about my safety and that of my child when we are in the mass exits at park close or after the night time shows. Once when leaving MNSSP is a huge mass exit, a woman litterly body-checked her way into the crowd in an attempt to get to her group on the other side of the walk path. She banged into the woman in front of me so hard that she left her off-balance…had she hit me, should would have been more concerned for her own safety. I get seriously skitzy in those large mass exits and would have whooped her butt without a second thought to what I was doing. People push and jam themselves into the crowd thinking it will make it faster when they should just walk normally or move aside and wait for the crowd to go. I don’t acutally consider this me worried about safety, but it’s the only thing that makes me just a bit uneasy…I always worry that I will get seperated from my DD (which is why we have a meet point at each park should that happen…we always have a game plan and have since she’s been 5) or I worry about her getting pushed or trampled…I don’t worry about myself in any way.


We have lost DS twice, and it was really scary! We had a plan, thank heaven, but it had one tiny flaw… so everyone should be aware of the tiny little glitch!

Once, in Frontierland, 5-year-old DS stopped to “inspectigate” some wooden rifles. We called to him to get back into the group, and at that moment, a huge crowd of people came rushing through. By the time they passed, DS was nowhere to be found!

I have a very loud whistle, which my kids know means they need to come to me right away. But my whistle didn’t bring him back. Pretty soon, EVERYONE at WDW looked suspicious to us – and I am talking dads, moms, and CMs! :wacko:

Our “Lost In The MK Plan” was to go to the Sword In The Stone if you get lost. Sooo…

DS was found by a lovely woman who left her family to escort him to the Sword In The Stone. They notified a CM that they were going there, and the CM told the security people, who called the CM at the cart where we had reported him missing! It only took a little bit for us to get word that DS was on his way to the lost spot!

We ran to the Sword, only no DS! And that was the glitch! We had forgotten to tell him to go to the Sword and to WAIT UNTIL WE ARRIVE! It was a tiny detail, but it meant that he thought he was supposed to go there and see if we were there. Since we weren’t there, he left with the CM to wait in Tink’s Treasures. It was a scary extra few minutes until we got it worked out.

Be sure to tell your little ones to WAIT at the spot!

(BTW, he admitted that he had heard me whistle, but he was having too good a time to come to us… aaarrrgh! :tongue: )