Personal transportation


We are going to WDW next January. My wife has some physical limitations which may require use of a wheelchair or scooter to help her get around without too much pain. Is there a place to rent something there at WDW or do we need to bring something with us? Thanks for any replies


Yes, you can rent both wheelchairs and EVCs at each park but it’s first come first serve. There are many off site rental places that will deliver either a wheelchair or EVC to your resort for use during your trip.

Here is a link to an older thread with some information:


As DT said first come first serve. Here are WDW rates.

Wheelchair rental is $7/day rental plus $1 deposit per day.

ECV (Motorized Scooters) rent for $30/day plus $10 key deposit per day.

Here are some links for offsite Rentals :smile: