Personalized Bricks


We were just in Disney and noticed some new bricks w/2007 on them. Are they selling them again? I couldn’t find a CM down there that could give me the answer.


I don’t know, but I’d LOVE to buy one!!! I hope someone knows the answer!


Yes, I’d love to know the answer to this…I’ve always thought it would be nice for a brick in the memory of my grandparents who introduced me to the magic of disney.

Has anyone done one of these? Are they outragously priced?


From what I understand they were originally sold for @$100.00 each. You got to keep the brick for 10 years. After that, you renewed your brick for a fee or they sell the space to a new purchaser. I guess in order to get a brick someone either has to give up their space, or they extend or add a new brick area.


I want one of those… anyone know where to buy it?


I bought one back in '94 and always wondered about the ‘time extention.’ Although, to be honest I was only like 13 when I bought it so of course I have no idea where I put the paperwork, etc. I am going to ask at City Hall in November what the deal is. Mine is right in front of ticket turnstiles too :smile:


I read on another board that a few bricks were sold last spring to fill up some extra spaces that had blank bricks. Most of the people who tried to get one couldn’t get one because so few were sold. I would love to have one, I don’t know why we didnt’ get one when they were being sold years ago. I’m still kicking myself over that.


Why not purchase a paver stone in Give Kids the World Village?

Welcome to Give Kids The World | | non-profit organizations, childrens charities.

Give Kids The World - How to Help - Paving Stone

This is a wonderful place for only for wish famlies - childrens with life threatening diseases. They provide much of the lodging and trip packages for kids who’s wish is to visit THE Mouse.

Disney works closely with GKTW and send characters sever times a week to the village. It is themed and such a neat place that one little wish child we sent thought that was WDW. She didn’t want to leave the village and they finally convinced her that there’s more!


I will be looking for it next time!!


I remember seeing 2006 dates when I was last there… I think you can still purchase them.


I had gotten some info sent to me this summer.I think the cost was $300. They were still offering it as of a few months ago.I kinda stuffed the paperwork somewhere and can’t remember where though. :blush: I was really psyched about getting one but the thrill seems to have passed.


I was looking, and there are still a few unmarked bricks, so, I guess there’s a limited number still available.


I was given one by a CM who works @ MK (friend :biggrin:), I really dont know how much it goes for since they got the CM discount. It has mine and both my daughters name on it. Very nicely put right in front of the bench after security check in @ MK :blush:


One stinky thing was when they FIRST starting selling them way back when your ONLY choice was to put the name & location! SO, mine still says “Jessica Kramer West Palm Beach, Fl.” If I just would have waited a little while longer I could have gotten a cool little icon (some people have bells, hearts, etc.), and I know they started to give the option of using the 2nd line for something OTHER than location.

Then again, if I would have waited any longer my spot wouldn’t have been in front of the ticket turnstiles :smile:


Any idea whom you would contact to get one?


I found the paperwork.$295 new brick 100 for a name change.3 lines @ 16 characters per line.4 logo’s to pick from.Mickey head,Wedding bells,Anniversary mickey heads,Mickey Hands.
Disney’s Walk Around the World (407)824-7890
The recorded message says they are sold out but when I spoke to a live person,she said a few were available.That was June/July though.Good luck!


I am SO totally going to look for your brick! I had no idea!!! How exciting. It’s almost like you have celeb status in my mind for that…

I’m a dork. I know.

I want one so freakin’ bad.


I know I am not the normal opinion here, but the brick never appealed to me for some reason…I don’t even read them…lol


Me neither. My goal is to get into the park, now!


Exactly…my goal is to get in there before everyone else…:laugh: no time for reading a brick I am running on to get ahead of that person with the coach…lol