Personalized~ Embossed Scrapbooks


Hi guys!
My sister-in-law (Whom I can now FINALLY call a DSIL) does scrap book (and other things) embossing. She purchased a “Remember the Magic” die and the Mickey Ears, the castle, 4 little kids- (brother/sister or friend) and a few other dies that can be used for a WDW scrap book cover.

She will be making a large number of albums either 7x7 or 12x12 and will be posting them on ebay. (Pink, Red and Black so far).

She will also offer personalized spines (names, dates, etc).

Before they go up for auction I told her I would see if there was any interest here…(it would be less than putting them up on ebay).

If you are interested- just let me know.
Thanks much!


That sounds awesome, Tree - let’s see some pictures! :heart:


Yeah, Tree (love that, Paula!:wub: )! I’d LOVE to see pics!



I’ll get the pics up as soon as I can…
I am getting all of my albums embossed this week- LOVE it!


Emmy you can link the auction for the scrapbooks, but cannot sell them on here or take orders for them without persmission from mickey, so please pm him and make sure it’s ok. He allowed passes to be sold, but I am not sure what he would think of this. I have a planner site, but am not allowed to advertise on here, so I would think that the scrapbooking would fall in the same category.


Sorry! I didn’t realize-

I will do that then-
I will get the links from my SIL and then just say “hey, they are up”

we can do buy it now kind of things …

Thanks for telling me and I apologize!!! (Didn’t even think about it like that)


I didn’t think you did Emmy…just thought you should clear it with mickey. He has a no advertising policy, but I don’t know if this falls into that category or not. Other people have been not been able to advertise services of any nature on here, so I thought it best you just ask him first so no one else starts advertising. I think disney related items and links are acceptable, but a final call from mickey is in order. Sorry if I came off wrong,…definately not my intention. :heart: