Pet Friendly Hotels


Hey guys! Rob and I are definitely going to visit Disneyland for the first time together this year! Also, we’re going to bring our cat, Pretty Girl with us. Are there any pet friendly hotels in the Aneheim area that we can take our little girl? Thanks for the help!


Follow the link below, it takes you to the Disneyland Resort Good Neighbor Hotels page on You can look up all of the different priced hotels, location and phone numbers, this should help you find numbers to call around to see which hotels do and do not allow pets, I dont recall off of the top of my head which ones do and dont, hope this helps! Can’t wait until you go, you guys are going to have a blast!
Disneyland Resort | Good Neighbor Hotels


thanks for the link anaheimboy! i will be doing my homework tonight!


You’re welcome, always happy to help!


I know the Red Roof Inn by DL is pet friendly. We stayed there and took our Pomeranian and it was fine.