Pet Friendly?


The boys want to go back to Disneyland next year; and, like the good Disney lover I am, I am ready to go back myself. Our only issue is that we should be getting a new puppy in February. I usually do my spring trip in early May, and we wouldn’t want to leave little Jager behind. He is a Vizsla and they don’t like to be separated from their people at all. Are most places pet friendly these days? Is there a play park or someplace we could take him while we are at the parks so he isn’t lonely in the room?


I don’t know necessarily about the hotels but yes Disneyland does have a kennel on site to board dogs. Kennel | Guest Services | Disneyland Resort

I did just notice that the disneyland hotels do not allow pets on property but I’m positive that some of the good neighbor ones do.

Hope that helps somewhat