Pet Presents


I heard rumor the other day that Disney was doing away with the pet souvienirs.We have two dogs that are hard to leave behind, so buying collars and such make it easier. They are always in good hands while we are gone and we check on them throughout our stay.I just hope we can still find stuff for them when we are there. Anyone else heard anything ?


I was hoping that they would expand the selection. We always bring the cats home a little something. Can’t help it, they’re my boys.


I hope they don’t do that, they have some of the cutest stuff. Our dog has a collar and a bandana that says, “My family went WDW and all they got me was this lousy bandana.”

Maybe this is just a rumor.


OH DD would be disappointed, she always brings her gramma’s cat something from WDW.


We were hoping for that too! We always get something but my dogs a getting bored with the same collars. Or maybe thats me:laugh:


Aww I love the pet pressies! Our dog Max used to LOVE his Disney collars and matching leads! They can’t really be getting rid of it can they? It’s a money maker Id have thought!