Peter Pan COming soon on DVD!


We just finished watching our new Little Mermaid DVD that came out this week. At the end there was a preview for a remastered, 2-disc Pater Pan DVD! It didn’t include a release date, but said it was “coming soon”. I have to tell you, DS and I have been waiting for this to come out on DVD and we were so excited.:happy: There was also a Preview for “Tinkerbell” - which is a new movie coming out on DVD soon. Happy, happy!:happy:


are people buying the new releases if they already have a movie on DVD?


YAY! Awesome news, I actually thought about that the other day, I would LOVE Peter Pan on DVD.


I don’t. I have been collecting Disney movies for about 20 years and have so many on VHS. I only upgrade from VHS to DVD. I missed PP on DVD the first time around.


YAY! I can’t wait!! I gotta go get the Little Mermaid! I know a Caisley who would LUUUUUUUUURV it!


I’ve NEVER seen Peter Pan! :ph34r: I am going to HAVE to get it as soon as it comes out!!!


I think we have it already, but it’s packed so I can’t confirm that!


Ack, must get this one.

but Tinkerbelle? Eugh. UGH. No.


:eek: :eek: :eek:

I can’t wait, I know we don’t have this one on DVD. (Another VHS tape I can get rid of!!)


But it looked REALLY cute! :crying: It started with a little girl saying, “I believe” and then all of this Pixe Dust flew all over and surrounded her.:happy:

You can come to my house and watch it - We can eat popcorn out of the Tin Disny Popcorn Set I bought at POR last month.:happy:


Hahaha. Are you trying to bribe me, alicefan? :laugh:

I’d come to your house if you picked me up… carless starving art student here! :tongue:


i always do. i can’t pass up seeing deleted scenes or any kind of bonus feature that is not on the other copy that i have. it’s a nice upgrade.


Just for the record… what a coincidence! Little Mermaid and Peter Pan may be our favorite Disney movies of all time! Yep, even better than Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Aladdin, or any of the rest! WE do love them all, but I bet we watched PP and LM about 500 zillion times when the kids were little! They are such great memories… my kids flying around the room with towels hanging off their backs, or making an ocean out of the sofa pillows so they could swim and sing… LOL!