Peter pan


Now the weekend is here and I can finally out my feet up (albeit it for a short time…) I just had to write you guys to tell you my great news.
well, ages ago I stumbled on link via the UK Disney site that went to the Great Ormand Street Hospital. ( if you don’t know of it, it is a very famous and very wonderful childrens hospital in London ). Well anyways, this link was to a donation set up where by you could give to the Hospital via a monthly direct donation from your bank. I figured I am lucky to be alive and have a healthy and happy child myself and could not sign up quick enough.
Well, a short while after ( this week infact) I received a thankyou letter from the hospital advising me that due to the fact that I was one of the first 50 donors to subscribe, I had won a Very Limited Edt Peter Pan Lithograph which is on it’s way to me very soon! ( this is due to the fact that JM Barrie gave the hospital full rights to the Peter Pan story etc. )I am so excited. I was not expecting anything but now I have this fantastic gift coming my way and I am safe in the knowledge that maybe I am not setting th world alight with my monthly gift but I am helping the kids in a small way.

I will try and get a picture of it on here when I receive it. They say it will be a few weeks.


That is awesome, I cant wait to see it.


This story proves that good things happen to good people who try and help others. Can’t wait to see the picture, and thanks for doing your part.


So glad you were rewarded for your generosity. Can’t wait to see the pic.


How nice! I too would love to see a pic of it.


Thanks for your kind words guys. I will most certainly pop a picture of it when it arrives.
It is so nice to be given this lithograph but it is a nicer feeling knowing I am helping someone less fortunate than me or my child. :wub:


Oh Polly thats wonderful and you so deserve it-it was a very giving gesture and you were rewarded with the lithograph so good for you I’m delighted for you and can’t wait to see the photo!