Peter Pan's Flight


So as I’m getting more familiar with MouseBuzz (you guys are awesome:wub: ) I enjoy hearing your opinons, reviews…etc.

New conversation topic.

What’s your favorite part of PPF.
Or any fun stories?

My favorite part is when you look over london, and all the little cars have TWO headlights. Just shows how crazy the imagineers are about detail. They could’ve jsut had one headlight but no, not disney!:heart:

My favorite memory is when we first when on it with my mom, and she had a mild heartattack when she saw the track disappear, she was so afraid!:laugh:


My favorite part is when you take off in your ship and PP says " Here we goooooooo"
Second fav is over London


Love the over london! Just doesnt get any better!


Over London.


Oh, I forgot about that part! I love that too!:happy:


Aw, I also love when you see the shadow of him on the Darling’s nursery! :] Oh, Peter!


Flying over London is great.

I wish that PPF would have a nice long rehab (4-8 months) and get the love it deserves.


I love London and the mermaids.


I loove London and also, little secret, the alphabet blocks in the nursery spell out, Disney and P Pan. Don’t know if you’ve noticed that? I’ll find a pic :ph34r:


I never noticed that but you can bet I’ll be on the lookout this year.


I adore the part where the track dissapears. Really makes you feel like your flying.

And only lately have I really enjoyed looking down into the tin foil volcano… :laugh: Imagineers, please give PPF some love!! :laugh:


I’m with you honeypot!:happy:


Yes I also love how the track disappears. It is one of my faves.


The use of different sizes to create so many perspectives.


I like when Captain Hook is standing on the alligator.


My favorite part of PPF is the ENTIRE THING! Peter Pan is my favorite movie, favorite character, and this entire ride is sooo magical to me. :smiley: