Peter pan's trip report


cast me peter pan I am solo traveler resort pop century

was on the quick service plan but also did two sit down meals out of pocket

Boma’s and Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater

pet peevees human walls

was at the world sept 5th thru the 9th

arrived at my local airport 5:30am for my first leg of the fight to atlanta airport frist part of the flight not much to report arrived in at 10:15am atlanta was told on the plane that reps would be there to help find conecting flights .We got off the first flight to the ramp there was nop help there I had a 10:55am conecting flight .so i found the screen and found my conecting flight gate which was in the last termal and last gate on it so i found the mono rail which was waiting when i got to it .i made it to the gate to find it was boarding already i was told it was a 41 minute wait . which seem weird to me since it only took my no more then 5 minutes gate to gate

anyways flight was quick from there .there was one problem on board this flight as the flight crew started to pass peanuts and water this woman shouted out I cant eat or smell peanuts and was demanding her chair be moved but no can do because there was no chairs open so they handed out cookies to some people . i never got a thing they crew seemed pissed off by the women . anyway by this time it was time to land in Orland .

I made it off the plane and found my way to magic express was greeted at the gate and was told to have my paper work out and was told to head to the bus gate there was no need for me to go to the desk
so at the bus gate they told the line I need to be in for the bus to pop century there was no one in any line for buses so i got to the top of the line was let right thru led to a bus that had a few people on it then we was on our way to the first stop which was Pop Century weee:mickey: arrived at the resort around 1240pm was able to check right in in wait in that line was told room was ready so made my way to my room to drop off carry on bag when I got to my building Guess what I saw greeting me a giant mickey Mouse

I dropped off my stuff and was feeling pretty hungry at this time so I headed to the bus stop for a bus to epcot as I arrived at the stop the bus was there waiting and only a few people on it so now we where off to epcot for lunch and fun the rest of the afternoon . at epcot I headed to the countries for lunch I ate in japan quick service on credit had the Teriyaki Beef soda and a cookie . I have to say it was very good the counter service building there was being updated so they had a booth across from the land by the lagoon so i sat on a bench and dug in weather at this point was sunny and very warm. after luch i did the rest of the countries ands did a few rides wait for lrides was about no more then a 5 minute wait . around 5pm I was feeling tired from the flight and heat so deside to head back to pop and went to the pool bar . I sat down and ordered a beer and a few minutes later this women came up and ordered a drick and a beer . Then she turn to me and gave the beer to me then she sat down next to me and started to rub my back and arms . I told her not to do it so she stopped but then started up again so after 5 minutes of this she got up and left so i thought she was back with in 10 minutes doing it again then after a few minutes gave up and left for good . i seem to think she was drunk she seem to be going around to the men at the pool and bar . by the time i left the bar it was after 10 pm and three beers later me being a on beer drink :ohmy:

Made my way to my room and crashed for the night .

Day two highlights animal kingdom heavy rain a broken camera epoct again for lunch then Boma for dinner


Here is a few pics of animal kingdom


Cool…don’t disappoint us like Dana and Wall have…Good start now finish strong!


Great start on your trip report ! Love the pictures, keep it coming .:mickey:


Well, sounds like an interesting trip so far. Very different than my 2 kid vacations… oh, and I hate human walls too. People, Don’t stop in the middle of the walkway, please. There will be someone else coming up behind you… Please move over to the side.

Enough of my commercial for clear sidewalks in WDW- now back to the TR!


Great start. Keep it coming!


Cool…can’t wait to hear more.


Sounds like you had a very interesting first evening at your resort.:ohmy: Great start to your TR!


What the heck was this woman at the bar thinking? :blink:


Well at one point while her hands where all overe she leaned over and asked Do you want to have fun tonight


Love the TR keep it coming:mickey: …as for the pool scene atleast you got free beer out of it :whistling


OMG that woman was well, oh my. Keep the TR coming!


Sounds like a pretty good time so far, except for the thing at the bar. Be skeered, be very very skeered :blink: :laugh::laugh:


DH has been approached like that by women in Las Vegas, but I would have been dumbfounded to have it happen at WDW. :wacko:


Free beer and fun at night. Does it get any better?


free beer and some free groping. I guess not, huh?


Nothing is free!


This sounds like the name of a nice pub: “The Groping Grouper”.


That was my thought as well. Ok, maybe at one of the convention resorts, but not at Pop


Day two

was up by 730am made my way to the food court at pop . I ordered the frenchtoast and meat platter and had oj and picked up my Free rescort mug and filled it with coffee . do your self a favor DO NOT DRINK THE COOFEE IN THE FOOD COURTS IT IS VERY BAD . As i sat down to have my breakfest there was an announcement on the resort pa Everyone join us for the daily Hustle then the muisc was queued and the daning started in the center of the food court . once that was done. I headed for the bues to go to animal kingdom and once again the bus was sitting there waiting to go . morning was a mild warm one . we made it to the park and headed for the gate lines for securty was light which was weird for the first thing in the morning . I made it thru the park gate and started to head towards the center of the park and the Kilimanjaro Safaris by this time I had been in the park for 15 mintues and the sky started to cloud up but the sun was still showing and it was warm . I made it to the Safari ride was going to get a fastpass but when I looked at the wait time it was only a 5min wait so I went in to the the Q made it alway up to the trucks and right on as it was right there waiting . Once on the road we saw lots of animals very close to the track as we moved along the track of the safari .Best secne of the safari was the Lion standing on the rocks by the tree just like in the lion king movie I only wished it was at sunset . and yes I do have a pic will find it a post it soon
and how on the safari ride the sky started to get darker but we made it thru the complete ride and back to base . once back at the african town it started to rain very heavy everyon scarrted for cover the streets was empty . Well the rain let up after !5 minutes so i thru on my poncho and headed for the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail which was pretty cool even in the light rain the animals where out . now it started to rain a bit harder but it was still walkable now Now I was off to the Maharajah Jungle Trek it was still raining a bit here to .as I made my way thru these trails the rain came down again harder I made it to the tiger house took shelter there then a cm came out and told the people there we had to move because if they closed the park we would not be able leave that area because the wind was really whipping up by this time as well and there is lots of trees around the tiger house . so everyone there made arun for it in the rain and wind to the asian town. so wet and soaked abit the rainb stopped again so headed around the park againby this time i was getting abit hungry so I looked at my watch it was just after 12pm so I desided to make it a day for animal kingdom and head over to Epcot for lunch and once again there was nowait for the bus and monorail once i made to the station.