Peter & The Starcatchers Movie


I just found out Disney is making a movie based on the book “Peter and the Starcatchers.” I read it a couple years gao on vacation (at WDW of course, where I purchased it). It’s a great read - easy and light. Written by one of my favorite columnists, Dave Barry (with Barry Ridley). It tells the story of how Peter became Peter Pan. Kind of a Harry Potterish kind of a book - for kids but great escapism for adults. After I read it, I mentioned in a post on good old Disney Central (aka Mousebuzz) that the book would be a good Disney flick. I read the sequel “Peter and the Shadow Thieves” as well and it’s just as good.

The only problem for me is that it will be a 3D Pixar-type picture instead of live-action. I think it would be so much better as live-action, but then, the folks at Disney DO know a thing or three about making movies.


IT sounds like a really cool book!!! Maybe Disney should go back to basics and do this film as hand drawn animation?? Try and wow people with what Disney is known for.

Live action could work and there’s nothing to say they can’t do both.

If you don’t mind me asking, where did you hear about this film, it sounds cool??



I read the book while on vaca a couple years ago (bought at the bookstore next to Sci Fi). I am reading the sequel now (Peter and the Shadow Thieves) and just happened to do a Google search on the books the other night. Disney has a website for the book(s) and the film was mentioned online. The books are co-written by Ridley Pearson and my favorte columnist, Dave Barry. The books are published by Disney as well, which made me figure they’d try a movie eventually…

Here’s a link to the website:

Peter and the Starcatchers / Peter and the Shadow Thieves – The Official Website


Wow! That would be an awesome movie, if its done right. I loved Peter and the Starcatchers, but I have yet to read Peter and the Shadow Thieves, but I am looking forward to it. But I have a few others to get through first.