Petition for Towncar T


Towncar T is one of those classic favorite members that most of you “old timers” remember. Tom was always adding his British humor to our internet life. He has been MIA for a while now and I would like to start a signature petition to get him to come back home. Personally, I don’t care if he comes back. He was a pain in the butt to me, but some of you liked him. :rolleyes:

Sign below and let’s see if we can get him to come around.



I didn’t know him, but if he liked disney, he was a ok with me!!!


Sign my name in BIG LETTERS. I was sorry to see him stop posting in January. By all means please come back. I am sure you have been on a trip or are planning a trip and I for one would love to hear about it.

Tom’s Travels is a classic. I still go back an d re-read those posts from time to time.


yep add me to that !!! I so miss him … and even Dixie asked me …where has he gone.


I kinda got the tail end of his DC appearances. He’s been around now and then posting in DLP forum.
He should check in.


I’ll sign.

I miss your wit, Tom.


:wink: Yep, he was a pain, and it was pretty obvious that he had NO BUSINESS driving on American highways! But I love to read his posts! They were the funniest… I copied and sent them to all my friends :laugh: !
(Hey… maybe that was why he had so much trouble getting to WDW from his hotel on US4… maybe he was posting instead of concentrating on the road! :blink: )


Yeah put me down…I miss reading Tom’s take on Disney and us yanks.


Tom? Tom??? Hmmm - yes, the name seems VAGUELY familiar. :whistling

Well, if everyone else wants him back… ok :angel:


I would love to see him come back. Funny, funny, funny.


I don’t remember any posts from him after his cruise that didn’t go as well as expected :c(

I do remember a fabulous avatar of the Prez. with Tony Blair around election time…

Come back, Towncar T!



Add my signature


That’s why I want him back! Someone else here to give Jeff a hard time is always good. :whistling


He did give me a hard time…I may disappear if he comes back… :pinch:


I’ll sign too. He is so fun to have here.


Oh, in that case. I’ll vote. :tongue:


:ohmy: Not sure how to take this one. I’ll ASSuME you were joking. :biggrin:


:tongue: indicates joking.

:fork_off: indicates where you can go.

:tongue: :fork_off: indicates I’m off my medication.

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Thanks Jeffery. I will save this to my Jeffery Icon to English decoder ring. :tongue:

Jeff, It took me a while to catch the big XXX little u big ME thing. I must be on Jeffery’s meds. I am usualy faster than that.


psst…I’m not really on meds (other than eye drops).